Tuesday, May 23, 2017
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In the name of holy cow!
Govt must take up responsibility of ensuring law and order, safety of citizens by cracking down on vigilantism and hooligans
The statements of two union ministers, Nitin Gadkari and Smriti Irani, distancing themselves from various vigilante groups while averring that BJP should not be held responsible for those who take law into their hands, hardly sound re-assuring when lawlessness and violent attacks are on the rise in the name of cow protection, checking eve teasing, conversions or child trafficking - all part of the pet project of the BJP. The Centre is clearly shirking its responsibility by putting the onus of enforcing law and order solely on the police and also by not taking into account the reckless hyper-ventilation of BJP's own leaders and ministers in putting the cow protectionist agenda on the over-drive, which has resulted in the ugly phenomenon of bullies on the streets trying to settle scores wit...
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Hurriyat sting Op
No one is above the board but larger question of need for dialogue in Kashmir must not be ignored
Opinions on the Hurriyat sting operations by a news channel need to be reserved till the veracity of the videos in circulation is proved. They could be partly or fully true or be completely doctored. The timing of the surfacing of these videos that appear to have been shot at several times during some undated winter months arouse curiosity. But the more significant questions are of the allegations of funding received clandestinely by the Hurriyat and the euphoria being built up by some channels to completely demonise the Kashmiri separatist leaders. Hurriyat is not above the board, nor is it a holy cow that should evade serious questions of propriety and accountability. Obviously its activities need a sufficient amount of funding. The Geelani faction while suspended Naeem Khan, who is a c...
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Where is the promise of 'Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas'?
By Anuradha Bhasin Jamwal
Propaganda is sometimes more convincing than reality. The BJP has used this to its advantage more than sometimes. Interestingly, though frighteningly, so! In a democratic country where teeming majority appear so gullible, beneath the propped up image of economic prosperity, inclusive development and corruption free governance, it is easy to camouflage the breathing reality of falling agricultural growth, grimness of increasing farmer suicides, unemployment, 84% drop in job creation, unaffordable higher education in the face of increasing private universities and exorbitant fee hikes in government backed institutions as well as decreasing health standards. The government spending in all the vital sectors of agriculture, health, education and employment generation have been drastically redu...
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Jobless growth in India
Public spending on development and economic policy should be more attuned to employment generation
The tall claims of the NDA-government do not appear to be translating into generation of employment opportunities in the country during the past three years while public spending has been going up on development schemes. Moreover, the economic policies of the centre formulated till date on various fronts have not resulted in creation of more employment opportunities. Both the aims of the government have not provided any succour to the unemployed people in the country when economic growth was claimed to be on the rise. The economic distress among the common masses appear to have woken up the policy makers from their deep slumber and forced them to re-think on the two serious issues during the past few weeks. Apart from this, changed global scenario has also impacted the Information Technol...
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India can't stay out of B&RI
Indian policy makers should not shut the door on diplomacy and engagement over China's Belt and Road Initiative
It has been close to three years after the plan for the Belt and Road Initiative (B&RI), previously known as the Silk Road Economic Belt or One Belt One Road, was announced, China has concluded the first Belt and Road Forum early this week. About 130 countries participated, of which at least 68 are now part of the $900-billion infrastructure corridor project, India boycotted the event, making its concerns public hours before the forum commenced its meeting in Beijing. India's concerns and reservations, according to the carefully worded statement issued by the Ministry of External Affairs, are threefold. Firstly, the B&RI's flagship project is the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), which includes projects in the Gilgit-Baltistan and Aksai Chin regions, ignoring India's 'sovereignty a...
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'Ransomware' attacks
The malware attack this weekend must hasten moves towards on cyber threats and cyber security across the globe
The series of cyber-attacks beginning on Friday last of the malicious software WannaCry, which has infected thousands of computer systems in 150 countries, is a frightening reminder of the vulnerabilities of a connected world. This is also a grim reminder of the cyber-security across the globe in these days when many parts of life have become dependent on the telecommunications and the computer system in the world. It is heartening to note that many medical facilities in the healthcare network had to be suspended when the computer system went haywire and refused to show the data records of the patients for upgrade. Moreover, there are many facilities which are now connected with the computers and operate on their own or through remote control system and had to be shutdown for the fear of ...
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Scourge of black money
NDA-government has failed to track and bring back black money stashed away in foreign banks during the past three years
NDA-government does not appear to be serious in tackling the menace of black money stashed away in foreign bank accounts or within the country except for initiating measures for increasing the penalties for the offenders. The promise of bringing back the black money stashed abroad created hype among the common masses, which in turn voted and brought BJP-led coalition of political parties to power three years back. But this hype is limited to slogan shouting only so far as practical actions for doing so are concerned and it is only now that the BJP leaders have realized how difficult it is to bring back the black money from abroad or the foreign banks. The slew of legislative measures has increased the penalties for the offenders to the extent of 10 years jail besides hefty fine that may i...
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