Friday, March 31, 2017
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Vacancies of doctors paralyses health-services
Dear Editor, It is learnt that despite Union public Service Commission –UPSC- having cleared candidates with degrees of medical education for being posted in government-hospitals under central government and Union Territories, there are huge vacancies of doctors and teachers for hospitals and medical colleges, thus adversely affecting health-services in the country very badly. Long and ending queues at government-hospitals with patients being given advance-dates of many months, can even result in deaths of patients awaiting surgery. Many-a-times, people have to private hospitals which are nothing but health-shops snatching hard-earned money, movable and immovable assets of non-affording people going there because of totally inadequate health-services in government-hospitals. It seems tha...
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Kudos to Yogi
Dear Editor, Kudos to CM Yogi Adityanath for setting up of special “Anti-Romeo” squads to check eve-teasing and harassment of women in public places. The police are rightly instructed to take action against “Romeos” — which loosely means miscreant elements that casually harass women and girls. Eve-teasing is something that a woman has to contend with everyday. The laughing and passing lewd remarks of an eve teaser can leave a permanent psychological mark on a woman. Eve-teasers feel that they are doing nothing wrong- having some fun. Women on the other hand are made to feel vulnerable and the weaker sex. One should bear in mind that it is not only men responsible for this to some extent women are also responsible. A little bit of courage by girls can set right all the things. We all toda...
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SC on Aadhaar
Dear Editor, The Aadhaar card is not enough to prevent its misuse. Sadly, whatever Supreme Court decides if it is not in the political interest of the ruling government that is super ceded by an act of legislation / Act-by introducing a Bill against Supreme Court’s decision like Aadhaar’s use especially on Income Tax Act-return filing. Linking of Aadhaar compulsorily with PAN on the plea of eradication of black money does not hold good in a wider sense. It is an absurd idea to force Aadhaar against Supreme Court’s decision including for filing of Income Tax return. Password is enough for safeguard when whole net banking / financial transactions are based on Password then how income tax returns cannot be treated safe with passwords. The misuse of password if any is more dangerous for f...
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Locker charges in Banks
Dear Editor, Central Bank of India suddenly jumped locker-charges from 01.07.2016 without informing the locker-holders, introducing a new system on charging rent from First July to Thirtieth June. Earlier system was rent to be effective from the day locker was taken on rent. It may be that such changes might have been done by other banks also including public-sector banks also. It was not proper to affect such major changes without informing customers. Since Know-Your-Customer having details of e-mail IDs and mobile-numbers is available with banks, they should have been informed through SMSs and e-mails if not through most-desired Registered-Post. More importantly, such a rational change should be systematic in accordance with fiscal-year of rather than First July to Thirtieth June. It...
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Supreme Court verdict on Aadhar
Dear Editor, It refers to Supreme Court verdict dated 27.03.2017 directing that no one will be deprived of benefits of government-welfare-schemes because of not having Aadhar-card. But ultimate objective should be to have one single identity-card in form of Aadhar-card for any individual which may comprise all details, abolishing need of having a voter-card altogether. It will save a lot in preparing voter-cards. Already Aadhar-card has been provided to most people of the country, and a date may be fixed whereby all citizens of the country may have Aadhar-card to avail any type of government-service including even benefits of government-welfare-schemes. If it can be ensured to provide voter-card to every adult citizen, Aadhar-cards can also be ensured to be provided to all citizens. Spe...
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Protect Consumer Rights
Dear Editor, Consumer rights are now an integral part of our lives like a consumerist way of life. As a consumer, one should know how market products are constantly under-weight, of inferior quality and do not prescribe to quality standards specified by quality-control agencies. Consumers not only do not get value for their money but also often have to suffer losses and inconvenience due to market manipulations. Mahatma Gandhi said that “A customer is the most important visitor on our premises. He is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him. He is not an interruption in our work - he is the purpose of it. We are not doing him a favour by serving him. He is doing us a favour by giving us the opportunity to serve him.” India is one of the few countries in the world, which has exclus...
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Life-time ban on convicted politicians
Dear Editor, It refers to welcome support by Election Commission to a Public Interest Litigation –PIL- at Supreme Court for provisions to decide criminal cases related to people representatives, public servants and members of judiciary within one year and to debar the convicted persons from legislature, executive and judiciary for life. Election Commission has further supported PIL for implementing important electoral reforms as proposed by Election Commission, Law Commission and Nation Commission to Review the Working of the Constitution. Electoral reforms could not be implemented in last so many decades in name of never-to-be achieved political consensus despite several government-formed committees apart from all these Constitutions making repeated recommendations to successive central...
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EVM -Each Vote for Modi
Dear Editor, The politicians who have lost elections are making lame excuses -that Electronic Voting Machines (“EVMs) were manipulated. For them wrongly ‘EVM produces “Each Vote for Modi” These politicians cannot accept the people’s mandate of their rejection as they have failed from all expectations of voters -as neither they are as shrewd politician as Modi- who can catch dukhti rag of people and exploit it completely in his favour -he has this art of convincing voters. In the present era development of Local issues / State / Country- its people is the major criteria of voters and castes and religions is slowly becoming out of fashion as an agenda in elections-a good sign indeed for the country. —Mahesh Kumar, E-Mail: B-49, Gulmohar Park, New Delhi...
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Reduction in mobile-tarriffs
Dear Editor, Mobile service-providing companies in India are forced for drastic reduction in mobile-tariffs after Jio (Reliance) came down with very attractive tariff-plans even after completion of free-trial period. It has led other mobile-companies to come up with new tariff-plans with drastically reduced tariffs to avoid shifting of their customer-base to Jio (Reliance). But it is quite general that existing post-paid customers are unaware of such lowered tariff-rates, and as such they are not benefitted by any such lower revision of tariff-rates. It is because new tariff-plans are implemented only on specific requests made by the customers. System should be for auto-conversion of old tariff-plans into new ones in case new plans are economically advantageous for the customers than th...
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World Sparrow Day
Dear Editor, 20th March celebrated as World Sparrow day to emphasize the need to protect these little birds, as well as their habitats.Sparrows have become scarce in modern times for a variety of reasons. The common house sparrow the one of the most ubiquitous birds around us and one of the more familiar winged companions of human beings is now disappearing. The decline of the house sparrow is an indicator of the continuous degradation of the environment. Sparrows are termed as a ‘biological indicator species and their presence indicates the healthiness of the environment. Its presence and tweet in the early morning hours and throughout the day were extremely pleasant. It reminds us these little chirpy house sparrows that connected us to nature as a child and left lasting impression whi...
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Merge DMS with Mother Dairy, others
Dear Editor, Thousands of booths of Delhi Milk Scheme (DMS) scattered throughout the capital city of India are being grossly misused as private shops by the licensees in corrupt partnership of DMS-personnel by authorisation to sell products other than from DMS. It is to be noted that ‘Mother Dairy’ booths in Delhi-NCR sell only ‘Mother Dairy’ products, a big reason for success of ‘Mother Dairy’. Mere existence of DMS after launch of ‘Mother Dairy’ by Union government for Delhi-NCR is in itself wastage of public-resources also through double-spent on overheads. An RTI-response revealed that DMS booth-holders continued to operate despite huge DMS outstanding against them. Monthly booth-sale of DMS revealed booth-holders providing a combined sale of just rupees 82 lakhs per month against a...
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Rules needs to be changed
Dear Editor, It refers to UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath taking part in Lok Sabha proceedings as its member on 21.03.2017. It recalls of such faulty provision of allowing a person having assumed charge as minister or Chief Minister in a state continuing with membership of Parliament dragging nation in costly mid-term elections because of single controversial vote of the then Orissa Chief Minister Girdhar Gomango becoming crucial in defeat of the then Atal Bihari Vajpayee government at the centre. Rule should be auto-termination of membership of Parliament on his-her taking oath as minister or Chief Minister in a state, or vice-versa. Time has come when rules may be made so that a sitting Member of Parliament or state-legislature may have to first resign from his or her earlier seat b...
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Parking fee in colonies is absurd
Dear Editor, The idea of charging fee for parking of cars in Delhi colonies’ is most absurd and not viable solution. If parking attendants would manage then it would only add more of the problems for residents’ security concerns. In fact, commercial vehicles parked around colonies and on roadsides must be charged and towed away rather than private vehicles. The commercial vehicles like tempos trucks -Light Vehicles’ drivers and attendants often results in petty crimes and make whole area near their vehicles as dirty and filthy by taking bathe and ease themselves in open -the whole idea of Swachch Bharat is sent to doldrums by these commercial vehicles illegal parking. Not even a single case of such a violation -towing away or other legal measures are ever seen on records of the authoriti...
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Indian farmers at the receiving end
Dear Editor, After the adopting of the doctrine of “Globalisation” & “Economic Reforms” in early nineties by the govt. of India at the behest of the World Trade organization (WTO) floated by US and other developed countries of world, the common masses in urban and rural areas of developing and under developed countries have been put to multiple types of miseries and hardships by way of retrenchment of employees and workers of public sector enmass, private public partnership (PPP), curbing small businesses by way of inviting MNCs and Foreigner investors to invest in retail sector, defence, media and other sectors in a big way, forcing the agriculturists to abandon their fertile lands for creating special Economic Zones (SEZs), big factories and industries there. The farmers who used to ...
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Law prevails on public-statement
Dear Editor, It refers to media-reports about Attorney General of India on 21.03.2017 during arguments on demonetization in Supreme Court stating that law prevails over public-statements made by the Prime Minister. Even that argument of Attorney General did not hold good because what he stated as law, was in reference to the ordinance brought by the central government headed by the same Prime Minister. At a time when government wants litigations involving government to be reduced, such contradictory steps of government prolonged by such arguments by its law-officers unnecessarily burden workload of supreme judiciary. Otherwise also whole matter because of prolonged court-proceedings has lost relevance with controversy on deadline of 31.03.2017 to deposit demonetized currency likely to ...
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