Friday, April 28, 2017
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Aadhaar online changes additions only for those who have got it
Dear Editor, The Aadhaar card is invasion to privacy of citizens- a fundamental right under the Constitution. And number of cases have been reported of its leakage and misuse, but the egoist government has made up its mind to forcefully implement it in every step of life. The additional information on Aadhaar card is now demanded by government for those citizens who got it at initial stages of its introduction. Now even to make little changes in Aadhaar card one is required to visit authorized agents who charge differently as fixed rates if any is not known to public; and for it they would take thumb impression again - when Aadhaar card is already made why again this avoidable impression is made compulsory? Many Aadhaar card holders are senior citizens who find difficulty in moving arou...
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Feasibility of merger of three civic bodies in Delhi
Dear Editor, BJP having emerged victorious in recently held elections to three municipal corporations of Delhi has always been in favour of a unified civic body. Undoubtedly trifurcation of one Municipal Corporation of Delhi in earlier Congress regime was not correct, because it unnecessarily increased overhead-burden on people of Delhi. But big question is feasibility of re-merger, because no one of the newly elected corporator will like to lose his or her seat because of reduced number of elected representatives in the unified civic body. Best is to prepare an altogether fresh strategy for next round of elections. There may be just two civic bodies in Delhi, one for trans-Yamuna and other for rest of the city because needs and problems of trans-Yamuna area are certainly different. If ...
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Deadline to settle court cases
Dear Editor, It is reported that -time limit is put in the case on Babri Majid i.e., within two years the final decision on Babri Masjid will come. As per press reports, there are more than three Crore cases pending in the courts. In the lower courts of Delhi, some of these cases date back to 1960-68. A deadline needs to be set to settle the cases as in case of Babri Masjid- as delayed justice is no justice. There is a law of limitation for most actions in daily life. If the parties do not appear on three specified dates, the cases should be decided ex- parte; not more than three adjournments should be allowed for any case. This procedure can definitely be applied and made a rule, at least for civil cases. In criminal cases too, a time-frame for all procedures must be laid down under t...
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Delhi should be respelt as Dehli
Dear Editor, It refers to Haryana government rightly correcting distorted name of the town Ballabgarh to its logical name Balramgarh. Earlier also many states have corrected name and/or spellings of their cities and even of states themselves in logical manner and/or according to actual pronunciation. There are many such example like Jalandhar, Shimla, Benguluru etc. But such change of names/spellings is continuing to be done in a slow and gradual manner even despite till after seven decades of independence when most of distorted names/spellings of Indian cities/states were given by erstwhile British rulers in India. Central government should study names/spellings of all Indian states and cities, and in one go should change name/spelling of the distorted names. Spellings of cities like B...
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India’s privileged VIP culture
Dear Editor, Kudos to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his decision to shake up India’s privileged VIP culture, most notably symbolised by flashing red beacon lights on top of vehicles, by scrapping a rule that allowed the Central and State governments to nominate dignitaries who could use such lights. The decision comes more than three years after the Supreme Court first raised the issue of red beacons and asked for restrictions on their use in December 2013. It is good move by govt to stop lal baati for VIPs. It will help to reduce the VIPs culture in India. The red beacon or laal batti, allowed to only top public officials and politicians, has come to signify influence and privilege. Recently, in Ahmedabad, while I was crossing a road, I found blue beacons of Ambulance blocking the ...
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PM’s call for generic medicines
Dear Editor, It refers to Prime Minister’s justified initiative to promote generic medicines which are supposed to be and should be much-much cheaper than branded medicines of same salt. But perhaps Prime Minister is not aware that promotion of generic medicines which presently have just 2-percent of the total market-share, may not benefit people with media-reports indicating a profit-margin of upto 1000-percent on generic medicines. Even practical experience reveals that even gap between printed Maximum-Retail-Price MRP and wholesale price of generic medicines has a huge gap providing 400-percent profit-margin over wholesale price. A box of ten strips of ten capsules each of generic medicine Geomax-Plus even having fssai mark MRP printed at rupees 150 per strip with total rupees 1500 f...
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Miseries of un-employed youth
Dear Editor, The future of our youth is bleak in J&K. what else can be said where the state PSC has no credibility in the eyes of the aspirants. Each year hundreds of posts are announced, however the fate of the aspirants is decided not by the fair conduct of exams but corruption, nepotism and politics. Last year over 250 posts were announced of which the Combined Competitive Preliminary exam was conducted on March 19' 2017. Recently the result was announced and like every year a large number of candidates who were expecting a score above the official cut off of 270.477 are nowhere in the list. Definitely it cannot be in the nature of each of these candidates to over quote their score for prestige purpose. To top it all, the body did not even come out with an answer key this time. What ...
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Pathological laboratories should be regulated
Dear Editor, Some famous private pathological laboratories have unhealthy practice of giving some detailed analysis of test-reports advising further tests. This is done only to make their customer-clients relying on them for more tests even though these may not be necessary. Union Health Ministry should ban such practice, and all pathological laboratories should be directed to give just the test-reports only for the tests conducted mentioning the safe range-limit. These laboratories must not be allowed to recommend further tests in their test-reports. It is evident that analysis and graphics given in concluding part of test-reports can be only for medical-reports and not for those whose medical-tests are conducted. It is also a known fact that pathological-laboratories have huge margins...
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Beginning to end VVIP culture
Dear Editor, Things in Indian political system will change for betterment if opposition comes forward to appreciate good work of Prime Minister in abolishing red beacons from car tops. But it is only a smart beginning. More needs to be done. Even sirens and special horns should also be totally disallowed from all vehicles except emergency vehicles like ambulances. System of pilot-cars and follow-up cars should also be removed except for those enjoying high security. Also painting party-names and use of party-flags on private vehicles should also be strictly banned. Such unhealthy practice creates fear amongst police-persons and other government-staff compelling them to act as per dictation of ruling-party workers. Security-cover should be stripped to the minimum possible. There is absol...
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Ban on loudspeaker
Dear Editor Referring to Singer Sonu Nigam who has raised a valid question regarding the use of loudspeakers at places of worship. Despite the backlash on twitter, he said, “I stand by my statement that loudspeakers should not be allowed in Mosques and Temples”. The use of loudspeakers at odd hours during religious rituals; election rallies, marriage processions on road, stray dogs barking, honking of car horns etc. is noise pollution which is as harmful as air pollution and affects many citizens. The loudspeakers must be banned throughout India in the early and late hours of the day for all purposes including religious ones. Religion is a very personal matter and as we don't like public intrusion in our religious life, we should not disturb rest of the population just to show off our p...
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Transport yard and Ware House in Udhampur
Dear Editor, I would like to write few words in respect of Business Communities of Udhampur District that in 2009 a decision for establishment of Transport Yard and Ware House at District was taken in the District Development Board (DOB) meeting of Udhampur but despite lapse of near about eight years the Housing and Urban Development Department failed to establish the Transport Yard and ware House at District and the décision remained on the papers because of slackness of the Housing and Urban Development Department. A detailed Projects Report (DPR) was also pepared through District Development Commissioner Udhampur on Public Pvt. Partnership (PPP) basis through FITES consultancy and District Development Commissioner Udhampur submitted the DPR to the Housing and Urban Development Departm...
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Genuinity of ten rupee coin
Dear Editor, Rumours were galore in the country about the genuineness of ten rupees which contain 10 inscribed in the inner circle of the coin. The transporters, shopkeepers and even the banks refused to honour these coins and the people who were having such coins were suffering humiliation on this account. They thus highly confused how to spend these coins none from among the government functionaries came upto clear the confusion caused for a pretty long time. The people were seen quarrelling with the transporters, the shopkeepers and the bank employees as well. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has reportedly came up with the clarification in the news media on 9th of April 2017 that all such coins are genuine which are minted from time to time and who so ever refuse to honour such coins...
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Merger of AIIADMK factions
Dear Editor, Political managers of concerned ones though need not be identified, are to be complimented for their appreciable role in uniting warring AIIDMK factions in Tamilnadu, making the erring Sasikala and her family-members out of Tamilnadu politics. It is also in tune with healthy politics that one more regional party could not be added into ever-increasing mushrooming political parties in India especially the regional ones. Latest happening is likely to be significant for national politics also where it is now hoped that two main regional political parties in Tamilnadu will align with two major national parties paving way for an ideal political system divided between only two major camps. —Madhu Agrawal, 1775 Kucha Lattushah Dariba Delhi....
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SC verdict on Babri case
Dear Editor, Much-awaited Supreme Court verdict dated 19.04.2017 on Babri case, directing time-bound trial against several top BJP leaders has definitely an instant impact that some of BJP veterans whose names were in circulation for next President of India, will be out of the election-race. It is time that the ruling BJP may now declare its candidates for posts of President and Vice President in a manner that consensus may be achieved from opposition camps also for these two highest posts of the nation, apart from getting public-reaction on such floated names. Even if BJP wishes to take advantage of its majority votes which are only a few less than half-way mark, then also declaring its candidates may gain support from its like-minded allies like Shiv Sena. Example is bold step to make...
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Air travel suggestions
Dear Editor, On my recent visit to Udaipur by two different airlines experienced that there is a room for improvement in Air Services like on short duration flight time is short to serve snacks and tea -I suggest either to serve both items at one go -not to wait to serve tea after the snacks or substitute tea with soft drinks/ juices etc. Some flights do not serve anything to eat-snacks/lunch/dinner without extra payments-it is better to treat travelers as Maharajas and serve them all these items -no one would mind paying it for snacks/lunch/dinner with tickets -submerge these charges with ticket cost-earlier it was a practice without fail to serve these items to all passengers. The government must make it mandatory to serve food win all flights without any exception as such. As per se...
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SC order on loud-speakers should be strictly enforced
Dear Editor, It refers to celebrity singer Sonu Nigam getting his head shaved to challenge a religious cleric having issued a fatwa declaring award-money of rupees ten lakhs for the purpose. Fatwas are nothing but open declaration to take law in hands by those having issued such fatwas. There should be a provision for a punishment and fine of double the amount of fatwa with maximum punishment of life-imprisonment in case of fatwas requiring murder of some person. Action should be taken against the cleric having issued fatwa against Sonu Nigam. Sonu Nigam objected to use of loud-speakers by a religious place in contradiction of a justified order by Supreme Court asking a complete ban of loud-speakers between 10 pm and 6 am. Evidently such unauthorized use of loud-speakers in odd hours...
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