Thursday, September 21, 2017
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Dynastic politics still run
Dear Editor, Rahul Gandhi recently said that `Most parties in India have this problem (dynastic politics). So, don't give us the stick...Even Abhishek Bachchan is a dynast. That is how India runs'. True, but dynasty in politics in a democratic set-up is not acceptable. If the kids of a politician want to take their parent's position, they should have to prove their worth for the post concerned. This should be applicable not just in politics but across all sectors -be it films, business or even sports. It is understandable that parents want their wards to carry their legacy forward and children too may have a natural tendency to follow in the footsteps of their parents. There is no harm in that, as long as the next generation is capable. Look at how the Birlas, Ambanis and Tatas have ...
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No religion is bad
Dear Editor, No religion is bad, it is the intentional wrong interpretation for personal motives are made by so called champions of religion. The present situation in Myanmar against Rohingya Muslims is the outcome of misconceived idea of a separate state -lead by political activists -misguided leaders. Whatever may be reasons India cannot afford more illegal immigrants nor it can become a heaven for refugees. Also, the security is another major reason as suspected terrorists are taking shelter with them and India has own problems created by population explosion-no more any person without a valid visa can be allowed to stay in India. Bangladesh refugees already has costed heavily economic development and other number of problems in India. Soft corner on emotional grounds is fine but is...
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Streamline the traffic signals in Jammu
Dear sir, The installation of traffic signal lights in the City of Jammu could not become result oriented due to absurd planning and execution of the project. A total number of more than 35 traffic signal lights are installed at different crossings across Jammu region including Jewel Chowk, Canal road, Bikram Chowk, University's main gate, Panama Chowk, Railway Crossing, Narwal, Bathindi Morh, Green Belt Park Gandhi Nagar, Ambphalla, Kachi Chawni and so on. Initially these lights were seen blinking precisely at every place of crossing but soon after most of them either stopped blinking, stuck on flash or not changing or showed lack of timing co-ordination in nexus with traffic flow, which ultimately results in congestions or blockade. Instead of repairing the defunct traffic signals, the...
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Rapists should not go unpunished
Dear Editor, The husband and wife are two wheels of a cycle and both are equally needed to run a family. Rapists should not go unpunished but there is no concept of the word like 'rape' between the married couple in India. Making love, repeatedly, against the will of partner means one is abnormal. The couple should remember that with consent of other partner only one can enjoy the conjugal relations. For exceptional cases of such a repeat in-forced sex in marriage, there should effectively be no new law on this subject. Further if such a law is made where husband is allegedly tried in court of law for attempting rape of his wife then best course is to be separated with mutual consent. Remember that it is well said that in law no single person should be punished for not breaking the law...
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Save Trees
Dear Editor, Trees are important because they provide oxygen for us in order to breathe. Without trees we wouldn’t have oxygen, so we probably wouldn’t be alive much longer after they all died. Trees provide shade for people in the summer when it’s really hot outside, and they help us save energy in the summer time. Trees beautify our surroundings and provide homes for wildlife. Without trees wild animals wouldn’t have anywhere to live. Trees block wind from our homes and provide a safe barrier. These are only a few important things stating why trees are important for us to live. It is a terrible thing to see trees destroyed in violent storms. It is also a tragedy when old or rotting trees fall or can no longer be saved. But the deliberate cutting down of strong, living trees is heartbr...
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IT absurd asumptions all are tax defaulters
Dear Editor, As Press reports the Income tax authorities are now targeting thousands of individuals including senior citizens who have interest income from fixed deposits of Rupees 5 lakh or more- but probably not paying tax. This is most absurd thinking. There may be few of such persons but treating all tax payers including senior citizens as tax defaulters is a matter of shame for the government. Perhaps this is first time in the history of world on income tax where such a low thinking of government is found for its honest and tax abiding citizens. Recently it was made a policy matter that senior citizens will be well treated with respect and unnecessary notices of any kind will not be sent to them. Was it a sham? Also, as per tax provisions some of notices to enquire income escaped...
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States vigil on cow vigilantes
Dear Editor, This refers to your editorial “Vigil on Cow vigilantes” (KT- Sept 9). India has been reeling from a spate of vigilante murders in recent months. Our PM Modi has criticised the vigilantes and urged a crackdown against groups using religion as a cover for committing crimes. Historically, the cause of cow-protection in colonial India has always led to violent vigilantism. There have been laws on cow slaughter in almost all the state of India for many years, but in the past many have not been enforced, especially for aging cows that stop producing milk. A series of incidents involving cow-protection activists attacking people transporting cattle in various parts of the country have shaken India, whose Hindu majority regards cows as sacred. The self-appointed gau-rakshaks (cow ...
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Correct Info on IT returns
Dear Editor, It would be more convenient if all the information with income tax department about an assessee collected from various sources including AIR etc. -linked with PAN- is also made available in Form 26AS and automatically uploaded in the income tax “Pre-filled” forms at the time of e-filing, yes with the option to edit it, if assessee wish so-finds it wrong. And it would be much better if full of previous year I T return filed is being made available in - with those changes which are not relevant in the current assessment year is also made available in ‘Pre-filled’ form with of course editing facility to update and correct it. This facility would help the assessee to fill correct figures too as comparison with last year’s figures with editing would help in re-checking and conf...
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Chain snatching
Dear Editor, Chain snatching, Rape, Molestation of women is on the increase. It seems Chain-snatching has become the easiest crime to commit and has turned out to be a highly profitable profession for the unemployed youth. As the ladies have the habit of wearing thick gold chains, it does not break easily when snatched resulting increase in the risk of neck trauma. Wearing of ornaments has now become out of the question, and women are teased and harassed as they go of their houses, or take a bus to go the place where they work. If citizens are alert and courageous, incidents of Chain snatching will come down sharply. It is experienced that the police dept. is woefully shortage of manpower to deal with complaints of all sorts. Most cases go unreported and even though cases are registe...
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Rewriting I T Laws
Dear Editor, As per reports The Income Tax Act is to be re-written for simplification and better compliance. The irony with the government is that to simplify tax matters it makes it most complicated perhaps keeping in view loss of revenue or thinks all citizens are dishonest as regard to taxes! The fact is that the overall total tax burden of all the taxes- a citizen pays is perhaps highest in India. And in turn citizens do not get required / expected services from the government. Recall simplifying income tax -an attempt was being made by the previous government to simplify Income Tax by introduction of Direct Tax Code so that common income tax payers can easily understand it and comply with it. But the truth was otherwise. The Direct Tax Code, 2013 Bill had 325 clauses, 21 chapters...
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Avoid Junk food
Dear Editor, Today the accessibility, cost and tasted has made Junk food more popular. But the people particularly youngsters are now aware that the hazards of junk food is very high and they just get addicted to these food. One of the reasons for the addiction of Junk food is the busy schedules of parents. The original producers of burgers, pizzas and other fast-food items were under tremendous influence of negative energies. Negative energies used these producers to create food that is easy to prepare, able to attract immediately, suitable for quick consumption, and enabling the spread of black energy through them easily into the body and mind of the individual who eats them. When school-college going young girls consume junk-food in excess, most of them can lose the hormonal balance...
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Politicians patronizing Babas & Gurus
Dear Editor, Baba Gurmeet Ram Rahim, Dera Chief of Sacha Sauda of Sirsa in Haryana has been convicted and sentenced to undergo rigorous imprisonment for twenty years allegedly for raping his disciple Sadhvis in his Ashram. He has been a high profile religion preacher with lakhs of followers within and outside India. When he was being taken to the trial court, thousands of his followers reportedly assembled in Panch Kula near the CBI Court (trial court). As soon as the trial court pronounced judgment the followers became violent letting loose the acts of loot and plunder burning railway stations, government vehicles media vans covering the news, thrashing media persons and all those who came their way. In the mellee around 30 people were killed and more than 250 injured some graviously. ...
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