Sunday, October 22, 2017
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Good work speak by itself
Dear Editor, Union Defence Minister Manohar Parikar had been amongst the most-admired political personality cutting across party-lines when he was Chief Minister of Goa. His simplicity, life-style of living like a common person travelling in an ordinary public-bus was comparable only to that of Tripura Chief Minister. However his linking of Rashtriya Swayam Sewak Sangh (RSS) with surgical-strike carried out by Indian army is not in interest of any one including RSS, Indian army and himself. Praise for an organisation should come from rivals, like RSS was praised by the then Prime Ministers Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and Lal Bahadur Shastri (both from Congress) following 1962 Indo-China and 1965 Indo-Pak wars respectively even to the extent that RSS was said to have been offered to particip...
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Trade-margins on medicines with price
Dear Editor, It is beyond understanding how and why National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA) under Union Ministry of Chemicals allowed drug-companies to loot the customers when prices of some medicines have remained less than half in just four months with downward price-revision having been done two times till now. ‘Amaryl 1 mg’ having manufacturing date December 2015 had Maximum Retail Price (MRP) printed as rupees 132.08 per strip of 30 tablets. But thereafter it was initially downward revised at MRP of rupees 104.90. Now same medicine manufactured in April 2016 has MRP printed at rupees 60.15. Big question is why price-revision at rupees 60.15 was not done at a time when MRP was revised at rupees 104.90. NPAA should study manufacturing-prices of all drugs in one go, and shoul...
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Exploiting youth
Dear Editor, I don't find words to describe the beauty of Kashmir, popularly known as paradise on earth and which is famous for its serene natural beauty throughout the world. However, it really pains when I look at the destruction the Valley has gone through all these years. The lust of the politicians had turned this serene place into an ugly battle. Hundreds of innocent people have lost lives in the turbulence. This sad state of affairs has been exploited by the vested interests. The mafia, enjoying the patronage of those at the helm of affairs, has turned even the meadows into concrete jungle. The rulers have so far remained busy exploiting the youth's sentiments for their own benefits. The greed for money among the politicians has destroyed the beautiful land, polluted wate...
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Lack of medical facilities in remote areas
Dear Editor, People living in remote as well as hilly areas face lot of problems due to lack of proper medical facilities. These facilities are yet to take a lot of time to reach the people living in these areas. That is why people living in these areas have to depend upon the mercy of God and quacks for their treatment. Though the state as well as central governments have set up Public Health Centres (PHCs) in these areas yet these centres due to insufficient infrastructure does not meet the needs of the people. The people living in these areas do not have sufficient resources to get treatment in nearby towns and cities which cost them heavily. They are not in a position to visit there for the routine check-ups. Even if they do, they are unable to bear these expenses. The government mu...
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Demolition drives
Dear Editor, The demolition drives, undertaken by the concerned government agencies in different parts of the state, are rightly viewed with skepticism as they are executed on a selective basis. While big fish, the mighty offenders enjoying proximity to the corridors of power are spared, the small fries are selectively targeted. Such a selective approach genuinely creates suspicion about the sincerity of those at the helm of affairs. It is not surprising that the properties are not disclosed by the bureaucrats despite repeated reminders by the GAD. One wonders why the big and mighty are always treated differently. If the rules are applicable to all government servants, why the higher bureaucracy should be given any immunity? Similarly, questions arise about the immunity given to polit...
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Drugs killing youth
Dear Editor, The drug addiction among the youth of the country has emerged as a big problem and J&K is no exception on this account. Almost every other day, one finds the news reports about the arrests of drug peddlers in one part of the state or the other Youth are lured by the drug peddlers and the easy availability of banned drugs makes their job to make youth drug addicted easier. There are certain drugs which in fact are antidote to many diseases but their overdose is as harmful as a drug. For example, the people use cough syrups to cure cough but there are so many people who are taking cough syrup as a drug. To tackle the problem of drug addiction, all sections of the society need to join hands and cooperate with the government. Rehabilitation centres for the drug addicts too ar...
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GST real purpose
Dear Editor, The real purpose of GST will be achieved only when all the taxes like Vat, Excise etc.-Central or State are abolished as they merged into one GST Act. But sadly, the bania government just cannot think more than its revenue. GST and other taxes are an integral part of our body(?) System! Taxes are like our saaya-shadow – it cannot be separated- till one lives, it goes with us -as soon as one takes out money in hand -GST/Taxes open its big mouth and swallow major part of our money (total tax burden of all the taxes)-earned or saved over a period of life (whole life by senior citizens). One minds paying GST as rates are extraordinarily high -there should be a single rate of say not more than 14 % and necessities of life like food items at all levels must be exempted and rules...
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Introduction of high-speed bullet trains
Dear Editor, Trains in India are not very fast and take a long time to reach their destinations. Thus, the introduction of high-speed bullet trains is welcome. But what happens if tickets are not available in times of emergency? In India, the number of train passengers far exceeds the number of accommodations available. Tatkal tickets are too expensive for many citizens and there is no concession for senior citizens. The scheme should be abolished. The quality of service in trains is often poor. Trains are dirty, notwithstanding the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. Train travel should be made hassle-free. Platforms and toilets should be kept clean. —Mahesh Kapasi, B-49, Gulmohar Park, New Delhi...
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