Monday, February 27, 2017
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Aam Aadami Ka Adhikar
Dear Editor, The central government launched Aadhar system with a slogans that possession of Aadhar card means “Aam Aadami Ka Adhikar” stating that it is personal confidential details of an individuals which will remain preserved with unique identification authority of India (UIAI) and will not be disclosed to any other agency. Thereafter the central govt, attached all kinds of subsidies granted to the people in particular the weaker sections of society with Aadhar system. The LPG provided to the customers by the petroleum companies their subsidy amount is transferred to the saving accounts of the customers in the banks. Old age, widow, destitute pension, salary and pension are also transferred to the saving bank accounts of employees and pensioners through Aadhar system. Some well m...
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UP CM canvasses for rape-accused
Dear Editor, It refers to UP Chief Minister on 20.02.2017 having addressed an election-rally in support of a UP Minister against whom an FIR was lodged just two days earlier that too only on directions of Supreme Court. There are numerous other cases involving ministers, MPs and MLAs who are in politics despite criminal cases of severe nature going against them. Slow justice like finality achieved to bar such persons like Laloo Yadav and J Jayalaita (after death only) from contesting elections allows such notorious faces to become law-makers and political rulers with many of them even contesting elections from jails. Baba Ramdev has advised people to vote for less corrupt ones rather than using unpractical NOTA, meaning thereby that people are forced to choose best out of the worst in t...
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Kalikho Pul’s suicide warrants probe
Dear Editor, It refers to social media and exposing the 60-page original suicide-note in Hindi with each page signed together with English translation by former Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister Kalikho Pul written one day prior to his having committed suicide levelling serious charges not only against politicians but even against some legal luminaries for getting court-verdicts changed. Same story is published by another social media giant which in its story further raised finger on lawyer son of some professionally active judicial luminary who was once a High Court judge at Chandigarh about probe by Enforcement Directorate in the infamous money-laundering case involving another famous senior advocate after demonetisation. Both ...
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Welcome Supreme Court verdict
Dear Editor, It refers to welcome Supreme Court verdict restoring Special Court verdict to hold J Jaylalita and others guilty in disproportionate-asset case. Time has come to fix accountability and responsibility on High Court judges at least in cases where Supreme Court restores trial-court orders turning down High Court verdicts. Public by and large is shocked and surprised in the manner High Court had acquitted the guilty ones in the matter. Role of Tamilnadu state-governor C Vidyasagar Rao in wait-and-watch making now guilty-held Sasikala is worth appreciating. Constitutional practices must not be allowed to be made mockery by giving oath for few days to such doubtful persons specially when matter is to reach finality in few days. It is time that property and assets left by J Jaylal...
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Legacy crisis in AIADMK
Dear Editor, AIADMK politics in Tamilnadu revolves for real follower and political heir of J Jayalilatha. Big question how Sasikala can claim to be political heir of J Jayalalitha when she did not object to O Paneerselvan taking charge as Chief Minister of Tamilnadu during illness of J Jayalalitha. Moreover before going to jail following the Supreme Court verdict on 16.02.2017, he took back withdrawal of her close relatives from the party who were expelled about five years back by none other than J Jayalalitha herself. All this proves that Sasiskala in no way is political heir of J Jayalalitha. Palaniswami winning confidence vote as Chief Minister of Tamilnadu on 18.02.2017 through MLAs supporting him brought direct to the state-assembly for floor-test from the resort where they were kep...
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Vigil necessary on cash-withdrawal
Dear Editor, Study should be made about quantum of cash-withdrawals after lifting of cash-withdrawal limit from current-accounts in banks. It is also necessary because Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has announced removing all restrictions on cash-withdrawals even from savings-accounts in banks from 13.03.2017. In an era when central government is trying, and rightly so, for a cashless economy, there needs to be proper check on excessive cash withdrawals from bank-accounts to prevent re-emergence of parallel economy of black money and hawala-operations. Income Tax Department can ask banks to provide details of bank-accounts and PAN-numbers where cash-withdrawal in a month has exceeded some stipulated limit. Auditors can be required to mention in their audit-reports about purpose of such hea...
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Mother language represents culture & identity
Dear Editor, In order to promote linguistic and cultural diversity and multilingualism International Mother Language Day was celebrated on February 21. Languages are the most powerful instruments of preserving and developing our tangible and intangible heritage. Mother language has a very powerful impact in the formation of the individual. Although decades have passed since India gained independence from British Raj, the debate whether learning English is more important than one’s own mother tongue continues. The main purpose of celebrating this day is to promote the awareness of language and cultural diversity all across the world. It is International Mother Language Day is celebrated in memory of the four students who were killed while fighting for their mother language and is celebra...
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B-15 Jyotikalash Society, Ahmedabad. Centre backtracks on MBP
Dear Editor, It refers to central government compelled to restrict The Maternity Benefit Programme (MBP), which was part of Prime Minister' s televised address on New Year's Eve. Since the amount of Rs 2,700 crore set aside for MBP in the Union Budget 2017-2018 was insufficient, the scheme providing rupees 6000 for each pregnant woman has now been revised to cater to the birth of the first child alone rather than the two as earlier planned. Law-abiding tax-paying public had been much critical of the announcement which was not at all necessary. Policies of providing freebies are in themselves are not proper. Such policies are either for vote-bank politics or for hiding some unpopular steps. It is indeed surprising why and how such an announcement was made at a time India is amongst the c...
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Sub-standard Mid-day meal
Dear Editor, It refers to nine school-children of Deoli (Delhi) having rushed to hospital on 16.02.2017 after they fell ill because of a dead rat found in mid-day meal consumed by them. Such and similar incidents of kids falling ill after taking fresh cooked mid-day meal in schools are not new. Complaints about insects, frogs, lizards, rats and even snakes etc. in mid-day mail funded by government as world’s largest school-lunch programme daily to about 12 crores school-children have become quite common. There are frequent reports of sub-standard raw-material like rice and pulses with lot of foreign ingredients being used to cook mid-day meal in schools. Only packaged food within expiry-date as mentioned on packs should be served in schools to ensure hygiene. It will also take care of p...
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Cluster buses in Delhi
Dear Editor, It refers to welcome addition of 100 new cluster buses in Delhi with 800 more (including 431 air-conditioned ones) on 17.02.2017 likely to be added by the year by Delhi Integrated Multi-Modal Transit System (DIMTS) Limited, a joint venture of Delhi Government and IDFC Foundation. But presently there is incentive only for drivers for covering more distance in their respective duty-hours. This system at times makes drivers take less congested rather than the prescribed routes causing hardships to passengers destined for in-between skipped bus-stops. Moreover at times, drivers avoid taking sufficient number of waiting passengers in their hurry to have more trips for distance-based incentives. Delhi government should instead require DIMTS to adopt fare-based incentive-system wh...
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Agony of non-payment of salary
Dear Editor, The employees and workers are engaged in PDD, PWD, PHE, Irrigation & F C and many other departments in the interest of the government. They perform their duties and functions to the satisfaction of the superiors and if they do not perform well they are penalized. It is obligatory on the part of the employers to pay them salary/wages every month in time. It has very oftenly been observed that the employees working, particular in the centrally sponsored schemes like RMSA, SSA, ICDS etc are not paid salary for months together as the concerned authorities fail to procure funds from the central or the state governments. Moreover, the daily wage workers including need based, community participation and casual basis are also not paid wage for months together. Shockingly in PDD ...
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Deadline to relocate official bungalow
Dear Editor, It refers to former Chief Minister of Uttarakhand Narain Dutt Tiwari making an excuse of cold and old age for seeking extension to the deadline set by state High Court to vacate the official bungalow allotted to him. ND Tiwari is the lone former CM who is yet to vacate the premises allotted to him. Rest of the former CMs made respondents in the case have already vacated their bungalows. ND Tiwari is notorious to take courts for ride by making excuses after excuses like he did before accepting Rohit Shekhar as his (biological) son. Politicians like ND Tiwari are also notorious for gluing to government-provided luxurious bungalows on silly excuses. Uttarakhand government should immediately get official bungalow evicted from ND Tiwari forcibly as per High Court directions witho...
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Bill on costly marriages
Dear Editor, It refers to welcome ‘The Marriages (Compulsory Registration and Prevention of wasteful Expenditure) Bill 2016’ presented in the Lok Sabha by Ranjeeta ranjan (Congress) requiring compulsory registration of marriages within two months apart from putting an effective check on super-costly marriage-celebrations by imposing a tax of ten-percent on those exhibiting show of wealth by spending above rupees five lakhs with a provision to utilise the revenue so earned for helping marriages of poor girls belonging to families Below-Poverty-Line (BPL). Austerity should be induced by allowing only beverages, soft drinks and snacks in marriage-related functions. Cash-envelopes and gift-platters should be compulsorily replaced by crossed cheques. Gift-cheques with a validity-period can be...
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Merger of associated banks
Dear Editor, It refers to welcome announcement about merger of remaining five associate banks of State Bank of India (SBI) namely State Bank of Travancore, State Bank of Mysore, State Bank of Hyderabad, State Bank of Patiala and State Bank of Bikaner & Jaipur into one entity SBI. State Bank of Indore has already been merged with SBI. Merger will result in reduction of overheads enabling closure of nearing bank-branches thus further saving money because now Reserve Bank of India (RBI) in August 2015 gave liberty to banks for merger, shifting or closure of their branches in urban areas without seeking prior RBI permission. Reducing overheads by merger of SBI-subsidiaries in SBI will increase profitability of oldest and largest public-sector bank thereby contributing more for national resou...
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