Wednesday, September 26, 2018
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HC order banning Ramlila at car-parking site at Subhash Maidaan
Dear Editor, Even though hundreds of Ramlilas are presently staged for eleven days during Navratras in Delhi, yet there are three ancient-most Ramlilas, namely Shri Ramlila Committee (Ramlila Maidaan), Shri Dharmic Lila Committee (Madhav Dass Park, Red Fort), and Nav Shri Dharmic Lila Committee (Red Fort Grounds). Only these three Ramlilas have beautiful chariots with wooden horses which in themselves are master-pieces of craft. North Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC) has provided a well-built concrete-structure at Subhash Maidaan (opposite Red Fort) to Shri Dharmic Lila Committee for keeping chariots, costumes, decoratives and other items for Ramlila-celebrations. Similar structure should also be built for keeping chariots and other items of Shri Nav Shri Dharmic Lila Committee at emp...
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Removal of two Goa ministers because of long illness
Dear Editor, Indeed Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar is rarest of rare Indian politicians known for his honesty and simplicity in public-wife when he as Chief Minister can be seen travelling in public-buses. But reason for removal of two ministers in the state on basis of long illness applies unfortunately to Chief Minister himself also. Rules should be framed both for the centre and for all states whereby long illness resulting in absentism from office for say more than three months by any minister may automatically result in removal from the post. George Fernandes was made Rajya sabha member even though his oath having been read by his colleague in the House only because he could retain type-VIII government-bungalow in Leyton Zone of New Delhi. All thiose entiteled for medical-fac...
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Re: Put Assessment Orders on e-filing portal
Dear Editor, Income tax assessees would greatly benefit if all available past Assessment Orders (AOs) under various sections are made available on e-filing Portal of Income-Tax Department. It has Acknowledgement ITR- V, IT Forms and xml but not the Assessment Orders, since many assessees have not received it. If this facility is made available, it would save paper too as then assessees need not keep a copy with them, at any time they can refer it on e-filing portal; also, at any time conveniently the Income Tax department can also refer it if needed be. Further to log in, password is a must, it is futile to have password or other requirement like pan number and date of birth to open some documents downloaded from ‘My Account’ section of e- filing Portal. To make it simple such requirem...
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Life-policy of ICIC Prudential
Dear Editor, I was nominee in a life-policy number 02290589 of ICICI Prudential of my wife Madhu Agrawal, which was surrendered by her in March 2018 with payment credited to her bank-account. But surprisingly phone-calls started coming on my mobile-number 9810033711 continuously and repeatedly that my wife would get an additional payment of rupees 84500 in case I or my wife could take a new life-policy even in name of some other person because both of us had crossed age upto which new life-policies can be given. It is surprising and significant that no such phone-calls came on mobile of my wife who had surrendered her life-policy. When queried, callers told me that offer was being given on my mobile-number because I was the nominee in the surrendered policy of my wife. Callers used all ...
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Delhi staged at Ramlila Maidaan
Dear Editor, Daily day-night procession for eleven days during Navratras of ancient-most Ramlila of Delhi staged at Ramlila Maidaan by Shri Ramlila Committee Delhi is in very bad shape with one of the two main chariots with wooden horses having costly silver carvings and chairs is missing for last several years. This procession once used to be centre of attraction even in late-night hours Other silver items and other articles used in the procession are also missing. Three traditional priests as mentioned in deed registered by Registrar of Joint Stock Companies (Delhi) on 24.06.1938 (certificate-number S-128 of 1938-39 of Registration of Societies) under the Societies Registration Act 1860 are now nowhere seen on the main chariot. Documents received subsequent to CIC-verdict dated 25.05.2...
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Small amounts of black money results in huge amounts of tax evasion
Dear Editor, The 50 Paise coin has lost relevance in the economy because of the high rate of inflation – practically it has died its natural death and are out of circulation. Shopkeepers just take the amount of next rounded Rupee -even by not mentioning anything or quote the price to next rounded rupee. Some shopkeepers give toffees in lieu of small change. It’s the same in post offices too, except that there they give postal stamps instead of change. Many shopkeepers even refuse to sell goods /if the exact amount is not paid for the purchases. Are toffees and postal stamps legal tender for monetized transactions? Strangely the practice by many shopkeepers and even restaurants continues to make bills for amounts such as ?152.26, ?105.50 and so on. How can anyone tender 26 Paise and 50 ...
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AIR ignoring suggestions
Dear Editor, Timings of news-bulleting and other programmes presented by News Services Division of All India Radio (Akashwani) were last revised more than five decades ago when Television-network had insignificant presence. Then timings were revised in a manner that Hindi bulletins may be broadcast just before English news-bulletins like shifting main Hindi bulletin from then 8.15 pm to now 8.45 pm. But such placement deprived Samayaki important time-place just after main Hindi bulletin like is there for Spotlight relayed at 9.15 pm just after main English bulletin. All India Radio should go for a total new time-schedule for all its news-bulletins and other programmes presented by News Services Division. Main evening Hindi news-bulletin should be advanced to 8 pm followed by Samayaki at...
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Towards autonomous colleges
Dear Editor This news gave me immense pleasure that 29 colleges nationwide will receive Rs 5 crore each to improve overall excellence and autonomy on campus, under the Rashtriya Uchchatar Shiksha Abhiyan ( RUSA) scheme. Tamil Nadu leads with 17 autonomous colleges while Maharashtra bagged second-largest share of funds with 10 institutes. I think this scheme will play very crucial role to develop a comprehensive education system. My heartiest gratitude to the government for providing such a wonderful scheme which will lead to make Indian institutions, one of the best institutions in the world. —Ismail Ansari Secunderabad ...
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Ban sale of khoya prepared by unorganised sector in Delhi before festive season
Dear Editor, Consumption of khoya during festive-season of Diwali in Delhi much exceeds all probable capacity after procurement of milk, leading to sale and use of adulterated khoya for preparation of sweets. Central government should take all possible steps for heavy increase in production of khoya by organised sector and co-operative giants including like Mother Dairy, Amul, Saras, Delhi Milk scheme, Vita, Verka, Sudha etc. Mother dairy and Amul having appreciable market-share in Delhi should also arrange door-delivery of khoya for bulk-purchasers on advance-booking in a routine manner. Mother Dairy markets khoya, but because of extra-ordinary fat-content, its product is not only costlier but even not easily usable. Mother Dairy should decrease fat-content in khoya to make its price c...
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GMT Hours Time-Zone
Dear Editor, India should also advance its time-zone by half an hour to make it GMT+6 hours rather than present haphazard GMT+5.30 hours as also recommended by National Institute of Advanced Studies. Since presently just eight countries in the world deviate from separating their time-zones by fraction of an hour, Indian government should approach international authorities so that time-zone for a country may compulsorily be deviated by full one hour from GMT. Making Indian Time at GMT+6 hours will fulfil long-pending and genuine demand of people from north-east India without going for dual and impractical time-zone for the country. Suggested change will reduce big time-difference of 127 minutes between extreme east and west zones of the country. Demand of north-eastern states is highly ju...
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AIMIM-BBM alliance
Dear Editor, After the decision of Dalit leader Prakash Ambedkar-led Bharipa Bahujan Maharashtra (BBM) to forge alliance with Asaduddin Owaisi-led AIMIM, a flutter has been created in Maharashtra's political circle. The Shiv Sena slammed the alliance as 'evil alliance', which is made to help the BJP, while Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) called the alliance "B-team of the BJP", and that BJP has facilitated this partnership to split the opposition votes. But I see this alliance as alternative and substitute for Muslims, Dalit and all minorities and secularists. For how long there will be just two options Congress-led alliance or BJP-led alliance? Both alliances just made the all Indians fool for long time. Now, it is time to change this old costume. I welcome BBM-AIMIM alliance. This is ...
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Bring petrol-diesel under GST
Dear Editor, It refers to statement of Union Petroleum Minister advising states to cut taxes on petrol and diesel to overcome effect of regular price-rise. But one-time cut in tax-rate by states can in no way check regular price-rise in accordance with rise in crude-price. Rather it is absurd to harm public-exchequers by some states where polls are due in coming months by such cut in tax-rates only for political purposes. Instead Dharmendra Pradhan should make sincere initiative to bring petrol and diesel under GST to ensure uniform pricing throughout the country. Any subsidy in prices of petrol and diesel to overcome rising crude-price will be adverse to Indian economy. However some practical steps can help control the situation. 1. Since government is the biggest user of petroleum pro...
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