Thursday, April 26, 2018
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Delhi LG writing officers not taking assembly-questions for reserved subjects under him
Dear Editor, It refers to media-reports about Delhi Lt Governor writing to officers in Delhi government for not taking assembly-questions relating to reserved subjects directly under jurisdiction of Lt Governor like relating to police, land, services etc. Such a directive is not justified because simply asking questions in assembly in no manner dilutes rights of exclusivity of Lt Governor on these subjects. State-legislatures are representatives of people, and even Lt Governor and his office should realize that these authorities should also be accountable to people of Delhi and also through their representatives if not to political rulers of Delhi. Lt Governor should withdraw the said letter and should rather induce some mechanism so that administratively appointed Lt Governor and his o...
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Petrol prices may result in losing elections
Dear Editor, Ever since the NDA came to power, rises in the price of petrol and other necessary items have burdened the common man. Right now, it is at a peak price-even it may go up unless checked by the government-which the government is in no mood. Rise in petrol price creates a domino effect and the prices of other commodities rise subsequently. This contributes to inflation and the economically disadvantaged citizen suffer the consequences. An essential commodity like petrol should be made tax-free. The government should take steps to that effect, while ensuring that oil companies make a reasonable profit. A list of necessary items must be made and by an amendment by the parliament, it should make sure that there is zero taxation levied on them by Centre or State government. It is ...
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Naming High Courts
Dear Editor, Long back in January 2015, Central government had initiated move to rename High Courts of Bombay and Madras according to change in name cities i.e. Mumbai and Chennai. But so far names have not been changed even though names of cities were changed decades back. Even there was no move to rename High Court of Calcutta as High Court of Kolkata. It is significant that except for some High Courts, all other High Courts are named after states of their jurisdiction. An RTI response had revealed that while all the High Courts constituted after independence were named after respective main states of jurisdiction, High Courts constituted by British regime in pre-independence era continue to be named as per British legacy on basis of cities of their existence even after 70 long years ...
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Deptt. of Justice should make study-report
Dear Editor, It refers to supersonic bail in just two days to celebrity film-actor Salmaan Khan after he was sentenced to jail in a case decided by the trial-court taking twenty long years. Big question is if ordinary prisoners sentenced to jail get such supersonic bail in a routine matter. Department of Justice should prepare a study-report on time taken in granting bail by courts of various levels from trial court to Supreme Court. Such a study-report being made public, will tend to clear perception that rich and influential are treated differently that too when managing big support from the media. Press Council should issue some advisory to its members of electronic media for refraining from out-of-proportion coverage for glorification of celebrity persons held guilty by the court th...
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Cashless not possible
Dear Editor, As per reports Cash is missing at ATM’s of some bank. Cashless society is a western concept which is not practical in India. Cashless in toto in day to day life is never possible as it is most convenient and trustworthy -without any risk of credit card hazards etc. The corruption hasn't reduced, with black money in the form of Rs 2,000 notes are being hoarded now. Now Reserve Bank of India is under printing more notes but remember without fulfilling rules of printing note and adequate safety measures it would lead to more inflation which is not in the interest of the country. Also, cash transactions and issuance of cheques and drafts are safest mode -rather than based on internet application is not safe as once any data/ information in put on use on internet can never be ...
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Toll-payment through digital mode
Dear Editor, It refers to National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) experimenting of toll-payment on some selected highways through mobile phones linked with pre-paid wallets so that motorists may not have to stop at toll-plazas. But with most people paying cash, toll-plazas will continue to be an unnecessary hurdle in smooth traffic-movement thus slowing down pace of vehicles on modern built highways at heavy cost. Otherwise also there are massive irregularities, corruption and problems of law and order. Even some private persons in connivance with local authorities and police have set up unauthorized toll-plazas to mint money. State-governments are now asking, rightly too, uniform rates of road-tax. It is best time to decide for an increased uniform road-tax throughout the co...
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Currency-crunch is due to faulty planning and whim of bureaucrats
Dear Editor, When Lok Sabha elections were announced in the year 2014 with political rulers heading only a caretaker government, some bureaucrats in Union Finance Ministry misused their authority to initiate a file for re-issue of one-rupee note after about two decades of its discontinuance just to have their signatures on the currency. It is to be noted that only one-rupee note bears signature of a Secretary to Government of India while all others bear signature of Governor of Reserve Bank of India (RBI). Newly issued one-rupee note on 06.03.2015 at Nathdwara temple (Rajasthan) and still being continued to be printing is not even known to people of this country, and is available only on heavy premium of ten times. Printing of this note should be immediately discontinued to utilize avail...
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Rupees 2000 notes hoarded as black money
Dear Editor, It refers to currency-crunch generated because of rupees-2000 notes not coming back to banks. It is clear that these much-criticized notes have become a convenient parking place for hoarders of black money, thus killing the very purpose of demonetization of earlier notes of rupees 500 and 1000 on 08.11.2016. Instead of fearing from criticism, Prime Minister can announce a sudden demonetization of rupees-2000 notes also as a caution that such steps can even be frequent in case those playing in black money do not do away with their business of creating parallel economy of black money. Unlike earlier demonetization of 08.11.2016, any such fresh demonetization will not practically affect commoners because ordinary people avoid accepting rupees-2000 notes and as such these may ...
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Costly wedding-cards, platters, cash-envelopes in marriages
Dear Editor, It has become a fashion and trend of people from upper-middle and higher income groups to spend heavily on fancy wedding-invitation cards made of wood and cardboard worth several thousands of rupees each which are practically of no use. Rather those getting such invitation-cards pull out necessary portion of programme-details, and start pressurising their minds about utility of such apparently costly but useless remnants. Also costly platters with imported items where Indian substitutes are better and cheaper and cash-envelopes from brides’ parents have become necessity in marriage-celebrations for show of status. Interestingly misusers of such trends in their elite gatherings themselves criticise such trend, but want some others to take initiative to stop such a practice. ...
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Abolish totally useless constitutional provision
Dear Editor, It is a common knowledge that state Legislative Councils (Vidhan Parishads) are nothing but white-elephants on state-exchequers to rehabilitate favorites and relations of political rulers at heavy public-cost, that too absolutely without any fruitful public-purpose. Vidhaan Parishads in states which were gradually being abolished by many states in post-emergency period after 1977 with just five remaining at a time, are being gradually revived to politically rehabilitate favourites of political rulers. Since these serve absolutely no purpose, constitutional provision of having Legislative Councils in states should altogether be abolished. Already massive misuse of the constitutional provision has been reported repeatedly. UP governor Ram Naik in the year 2015 returned list o...
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Finance Commission-National Interest is first
Dear Editor, An important question is being raised by the southern states that the 15th Finance Commission (FC) award is biased against the states that have pursued population control are unfounded…. In reply it is said that for the 15th FC to identify the rightful needs for the states for allocating resources, the population base of 2011 is a fair one. The concerned states objections must be satisfied by the FC to their fullest satisfaction before implementing sharing of revenue among States. But the vote-bank politics must not be played by politicians, for their selfish interests by saying that South is being hurt by it. The economic progress of the state must not be ignored It is unfortunate that many political leaders are focusing on State subjects -overshadowing national interest ...
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SC judges should withdraw their resolution for life-time domestic help
Dear Editor, Supreme Court judges in November 2016 had passed a resolution gifting themselves with life-time domestic-help for self and spouses at public-expense. Reports indicated that such gifting was done because it does not look nice that retired judges of the top court queue up for depositing bills of essential services like water, telephone and electricity. In present era of on-line payments, no one need to visit receipt-counters for making such payments. Moreover retired judges have handsome pensions from which they can easily afford domestic help. Otherwise also most of them being from legal profession, must have adequate savings from their earlier profession. By the time of their retirement, their children and even grand-children may be well set up to take care of daily needs of...
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Rape hang culprit in public
Dear Editor, Most beastly act of violence is rape. It is shocking and shames for the whole country that very frequently a lady is being raped in India Even today in spite of changed scenario in society all rape cases are not reported to the police. In fact, innocent victim’s life is almost lost as memories of heinous crime remain in her mind and the person responsible for such a criminal act mostly not effected at all. No sane person can rape. It is his mental ill balance which prompts him for such a crude act. The measure to avoid such an act in the society in fact crude punishment is required like hanging him till death in the public place so that others of such a low character learns a lesson. In fact, these persons who act in most inhumane way are just fit for mental asylum only. ...
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