Tuesday, May 23, 2017
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Sponsored postal-stamps
Dear Editor, Depart6ment of Posts should consider idea of sponsored post-stamps on lines of sponsored postal-stationery to generate high revenue-earning apart from popularising postal-services. These sponsored postal-stamps can be sold on face-value unlike My-Stamps which are sold on heavy premium. There can be some minimum print-order where sponsoring ones may be required to buy some specified minimum quantity of sponsored stamps apart from charging sponsoring amount from them on complete print-quantity. Idea will also induce popularity of postal-service in competition to private courier-service when companies with their own printed postage-stamp will divert to postal-service from courier-service. Screening committee can be formed at postal-department to clear images provided by spo...
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Raids -are they meaningful
Dear Editor, It is reported that Law enforcement agencies conducted raids in a multi-city crackdown against alleged corruption and benami properties involving the kin of two top opposition leaders. It is allegedly for political vendetta. The raid on might have ulterior motives behind it, but it is a decisive move nonetheless. This is a sign that the arm of the law extends to the rich and the powerful politicians as well. Yet one wonders whether the accused would meet the punishment if proved guilty they deserve for misappropriating public funds for personal benefit. Most of the income tax raids on top bracket politicians end up with the accused going scot free despite their proven crime. To make the raids meaningful, the authorities need to publish reports on all the raids carried by...
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On-line payment of premium at website
Dear Editor, Central government in its efforts to popularise digital payment, had announced a handsome rebate in case insurance-premiums may be paid on-line. But there exists an error at website of public-sector National Insurance Company in accepting on-line renewal premium of health-policies. Even payments through credit-cards are not acceptable. Insurance Division of Department of Financial Services should ensure that there may not be any problem in accepting on-line payments or payments through credit-cards towards any type of renewal-premium on websites of any of the insurance-companies. National Insurance Company should be directed to check its website for ensuring acceptance of premium-renewals of all types of policies both on-line and through credit-cards. —Madhu Agrawal, 1775...
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Reema Lagoo’s demise
Dear Editor, News of death of Reema Lagoo at the young age of 59 is a shock. For many not the film buffs who was Reema Lagoo? Seeing her photo immediately her powerful roles -mainly that of mother came in the minds of film buffs. She performed powerfully her roles in films like ‘Hum Aapke Hain Koun” ‘Kutch Kutch Hota Hai: “Kal Ho No Ho” and Maine Pyaar Kiya etc. Perhaps she was only singing mother on screen in Hum Aapke Hai kaoun’ as her melodious song ‘samdhi samdhan’ sung on screen as samdhan with Alok Nath- Aaj hamare saamne uljhan hai’ is most hilarious and memorable song on the subject, perhaps only one song like this in the history of Bollywood. She was quite popular in some TV shows also like Shriman Srimati and Tu Tu Main Main etc. She was awarded the Maharashtra State Film A...
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Mid-year CIC-seminar
Dear Editor, It refers to welcome move of Chief Central Information Commissioner in conducting mid-year seminar on RTI Act at SCOPE auditorium in New Delhi on 19.05.2017. Till now practice was to hold just one annual convention on RTI-anniversary sometime in the month of October. Such frequent interaction with stake-holders with Information Commissioners of the centre and the states can provide valuable feedback to CIC and DoPT for further reformative measures in implementation of RTI Act. But there was an important issue in informal discussion where even several State Information Commissioners also wished proceedings to be conducted in Hindi. It may be recalled that in last two annual CIC-conventions, all proceedings were conducted in Hindi, perhaps because the respective Chief Guest...
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Indian victory over Pakistan at ICJ
Dear Editor, In moments of joy over great Indian victory over Pakistan at International Court of Justice –ICJ- in the matter of Kulbhushan Jadhav, a disgraceful tweet by an Indian citizen to Indian Foreign Minister is recalled where Sushma Swaraj was quick to shut mouth of the critic by revealing that famous Indian lawyer Harish Salve representing Indian case charged just a token fees of rupee one, rather than a huge amount as was anticipated by the person making the tweet. Harish Salve presented Indian side without any fees not for self-publicity. It was the tweet which made Indians aware about Harish Salve not having charged any fees. On the contrary, totally incompetent Pakistani lawyer for poor defence of his country charged rupees five crores for presenting Pakistani side where he c...
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Aadhaar can makes risky human lives
Dear Editor, There is no second opinion that the UIDAI evades various privacy policies that all citizens are entitled to. All the arguments by the government against it are absurd and have no base or logic. The most important is that Aadhaar details can be hacked very easily. Almost daily news is coming of its leakage - at each such time the government is saying it is foolproof, funny, is not it? With changed technology Aadhaar card will never be a foolproof enough to prevent its misuse. The latest is ransomware cyber-attack which proves nothing on any computer with internet on is safe. —Mahesh Kumar, E-Mail: maheshkumar0909@gmail.com B-49, Gulmohar Park, New Delhi....
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Security cover for mother-in-law
Dear Editor, It refers to media-reports about status-symbol of security-cover withdrawn from mother-in-law of Priyanka Gandhi but only after a TV news-channel through documents exposed that round-the-clock security-cover was provided to Maurin Vadra only because she was mother-in-law of Priyanka Gandhi. There are reports that Priyanka Gandhi made plea for concessional rent for government-bungalow in New Delhi, because she could not afford high rent. Congress spokesperson at TV news-channels advocated security-cover at residence of Maurin Vadra because according to them Priyanka Gandhi and her children visited Maurin Vadra twice daily on a routine basis. If it is so, then Priyanka Gandhi could shift to residence of her mother-in-law permanently, rather than enjoying palatial government-...
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Link voter-card with Aadhar cards
Dear Editor, Now-a-days private agencies authorized to issue Aadhar cards are mushrooming. But big issue is if these agencies are issuing Aadhar cards after due verification about nationality of the persons being issued the important nationality-document. It is noteworthy that there are disturbing reports about illegal migrants living in the country. Therefore every precaution must be taken for proper verification of any person before issue of Aadhar-cards, since even Indian passport can be issued on basis of availability of Aadhar card to any passport-applicant. It is to be noted that voter-cards are issued only after proper door-survey done at residence of the person. It will be better if voter-cards and Aadhar-cards are inter-linked to trace those who might have got issued Aadhar-car...
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Kejriwal in the heat of controversies
Dear Editor, Very few persons are inborn leaders. They are certainly boons to the society. And most of the others who scramble to be public leaders by fair means or foul, end up being just a "liability". They usually mislead the crowd and finally bring only misfortune to the nation. I don't think anyone disagrees that Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal - a very strange character, obviously of that type. With the roar of his hollow rhetoric, he showed his different maverick avatars on different occasions. The unsuspecting people, who just got carried away, are now only regretting. Is it not a big irony that one who determinedly stood as a crusader against the corruption is now neck deep in the corruption? Even one good at counting may fail to give full records in how many counts the Delhi CM prov...
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Advertisement of fairness-creams
Dear Editor, Advertisements for fairness-cream can be misleading because there is no guarantee of complexion becoming fair after use so-termed ‘fairness-cream’. Otherwise also, media-reports indicate that Delhi Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research (DIPSR), an undertaking of Government of Delhi affiliated to University of Delhi, has determined that facial creams advertising for bringing fairness contain excessive quantity of mercury which is very harmful for kidney and lever apart from causing other harms to human body. India ranks second in the world after Nigeria in use of facial cream for increasing fairness with as much as fifty-percent of Indian population being misled by advertisements of fairness through facial creams. Central government should immediately impose a to...
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Public accountability
Dear Editor, It is an open fact that most government organisations are failing at the expectations of public and often result in losses. Yes, all public sector and government companies can deliver best of results with profits if strict discipline like that of private companies with accountability and strict penal provisions are being made and implemented. I recall in 2010 there was a proposal by our Ex-Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s to make babus more accountable to the people by penalising them for non-performance - a move in the right direction. And the Delhi Government was the first to test the system. -if officers were found not completing a job within a prescribed time limit, a fine of Rs 10 to Rs 200 per day was to be imposed on them. But that proposal never saw the day of the lig...
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Justified comments of NCW Chief
Dear Editor, It refers to justified comments of Chairperson of National Commission for Women, Lalita Kumarmanglam when she observed that the only woman Justice R Bhanumathi in the Apex Court should have been included in the bench hearing important social issue of validity of giving divorce to women through triple talaq. Competence of the five-member bench of the Apex Court with each judge coming from five different religions is definitely undoubted, and every expectation is getting justice for Muslim women when the Supreme Court bench on 12.05.2017 rightly observed that the practice of triple talaq was the worst and not desirable form of dissolution of marriages among Muslims. Yet inclusion of the only woman judge in the Apex Court in the bench would have been appropriate as rightly ...
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Parliamentary membership of Misa Bharti should be snatched
Dear Editor, It refers to shocking news-reports about Rajya Sabha member Misa Bharti having misused government-accommodation provided to her father Lalu Prasad Yadav at 25, Tuglaq Road in Leyton zone of New Delhi for registering her private companies at that address. Convicted Lalu Prasad Yadav is already out of legislative system because of his being not allowed to contest elections with the court having convicted him. Not only the person in whose name government-accommodations are provided, but also those having misused such accommodations for private-business should be punished for such misuse. Such stringent punishment to both can only prevent misuse of government-accommodations. All concerned agencies including also Income Tax Department, Enforcement Directorate should also take su...
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Justice Karnan case
Dear Editor, The whole episode of Justice Karnan is a sad affair for judiciary and public faith in it. In public interest, the proceedings should have been kept in camera. It is difficult to judge the reality as in the present scenario truth in many cases seldom comes out. It is unfortunately difficult to believe anyone except the judiciary -which is the sole player of democracy-the less said about politicians and powered people is better. Justice Karnan case seems to be an exception -one in a thousand of cases, as over past few years he was courting controversies. The ethics of judiciary should have kept this case out of media and public in the interest of democratic set up of our country’s system. Having full faith in judiciary -the outcome whatever comes out since as per further repor...
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Celebrating Mother’s Day
Dear Editor, Mother’s Day is one of many other ‘days’ started to be celebrated in India on behest of manufacturers of greeting cards who used to mint money by selling greeting-cards fit for each of such occasions! But with change of time, people have started using social-media for flooding face-book pages with messages of love and affection to mothers. I recall melody-queen Lata Mangeshkar giving an all-sober comment on blind following of western culture in celebrating annual features like Father’s Day, Mother’s Day etc. She said “Indian culture provides worshipping father and mother all throughout the year every day rather than remembering them only once in a year!” —Madhu Agrawal, 1775 Kucha Lattushah Dariba Delhi....
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