Friday, June 23, 2017
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Surgical strike on Lalu-family
Dear Editor, Income Tax Department deserves all compliments for its swift action of consolidated move to confiscate so many benami properties of family-members of fodder-scam tainted former Bihar Chief Minister Lalu Prasad Yadav including properties of his wife, sons, daughters and son-in-law. Perhaps it is for the first time in history of India that so many properties of a political family have been confiscated by Income Tax Department after Misa Bharti and her husband repeatedly defied Income Tax summons to deny opportunity for explanation. Income tax Department should auto-add on regular basis further more revelations of other properties of Lalu-family in list of confiscated properties as being exposed by opposition-leader in the state and others. Need is for super-fast completion of ...
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Kumble deserves Kudos
Dear Editor, It is surprising that Anil Kumble, a distinguished achiever as a player and as head coach of the Indian team for the last one year delivering outstanding results, has chosen to part ways from the National team with great dignity (KT- June 21 – “Anil Kumble steps down as Indian cricket Team Head coach”). He has shown his mettle as a strong "technician" of Cricket in the field, and a tough fighter. He has his emotional three years where he had to face opposition from members but pressed on with his agenda to improve cricket infrastructure at grassroots. He is a great person in the first place, a great cricketer and has all the qualities a leader should have. He hasn’t shied away from responsibility. He has experience and has shown great strength of character in difficult sit...
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Mamta’s pseudo-secularism
Dear Editor, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamta Banerjee is always in news for her pseudo-secular approach evidently for minority-appeasing for vote-bank politics when she first fixed monthly salaries for Imams and muazinns of mosques in the state, an order which was later turned down as unconstitutional by Calcutta High Court. Now she has appointed state Urban Development Minister Firhad Hakim as the chairman of the newly formed Tarakeshwar Development Board-TDB in Hooghly district to take care of the 288-year old Tarakeshwar Shiva temple. Even self-acclaimed secular-lobby cannot logically justify Muslim as head of a Hindu-temple. At least a religious community must have head of the board taking care of religious institution from the same community. It seems being in news for pseudo-secu...
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High Courts still named after old city-names
Dear Editor, There was a move from Central government sometime in January 2015 for renaming Bombay High Court and Madras High Court after long years of renaming these cities as Mumbai and Chennai. But till now change is not affected. Even Calcutta High Court is to be renamed as Kolkatta High Court. It is significant that except for these three High Courts at Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata respectively, all other High Courts are named after states of their jurisdiction. An RTI response had revealed that while all the High Courts constituted after independence were named after respective main states of jurisdiction, these three High Courts constituted by British regime in pre-independence era continue to be named as per British legacy on basis of cities of their existence even after 70 long ...
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President of high stature
Dear Editor, The Indian Presidential election process is on. It would be better if a person of high stature like our present President Pranab Mukherjee is selected who can be non-political in the discharge of his duties as the President even if he at present belongs to any political party he must become practically a non-political person. The best would be unanimous choice of President, no elections. I would not recommend any person from Bollywood at least. An industrialist with national and patriotic bent of mind can be a suitable name for the highest position in India. And it would be better if the Presidential candidate understands ground realities of common men besides some economic and national and international politics too. The new elected President must follow Pranab Mukherjee in...
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VVIP monarchy not ending
Dear Editor, It refers to an office-order issued by Chief Medical and Health Officer-CMHO, Raipur district in BJP-ruled Chhattisgarh on 15.06.2017 directing presence of government-doctors at wedding-ceremony of Lavkesh Paikra, son of state Home Minister Ramsewak Paikra. Surprisingly such VVIP monarchy was criticized by BJP only recently when government-doctors were deployed at residence of former Bihar Chief Minister Lalu Prasad Yadav by his minister son Tej Pratap Yadav holding also portfolio of health. Hooliganism by Parliamentarians in flights has also become almost a usual feature because of lack of punishment to the guilty Parliamentarian at first stage. Only removing red-light blinkers from car-tops can in no way mindset of our present-era monarch politicians. Rules should be tigh...
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Encourage Handloom
Dear Editor, Union government has been taking several steps to encourage handloom-sector in the country for which the government also imposes handloom-cess on excise-duty chargeable from mill-made cloth. But real encouragement to handloom-sector can be best given by making it compulsory for every licensed textile-mill to set up a handloom-unit in the mill-compound by making it compulsory to bring some minimum percentage of cloth woven on handloom as outcome of total production of the textile-mill. System will give automatic employment to handloom-weavers in the recognised corporate-sector. Cloth woven on handloom has some natural beauty which cannot be created by mill-produced cloth. With Indian garment-export facing stiff competition from countries like China and Pakistan, encouraging ...
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Honesty is the best policy
Dear Editor, Youths of today should be moulded to behave honestly right from school. I believe schools have to teach values because somewhere along the line, if we don't, our society is going to get worse than it is. Today, when corruption is like an ulcer in the stomach of India’s economy, students need to imitate teachers who are effortlessly honest, trusting, fair, respectful, and responsible in their actions. Teachers who demonstrate integrity are accountable for providing academic programs of quality and positive educational experiences. Teachers have to display honesty by telling the truth and acting in an honorable way. As a role model for students, teachers have to accept the moral obligation to be honest, regardless of the situation. Sensitizing school students on the issue of...
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Lalu monarchy continues in Bihar
Dear Editor, It is shocking that Lalu-monarchy still continues in Bihar with state Chief Minister being a mute spectator to three doctors and two male-nurses from government-owned Indira Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences-IGIMS, Patna having been sent at residence of the uncrowned monarchy-king Lalu Yadav from 31st May 2017 to 8th June 2017 for taking care of some unnamed ill person in the family. Nitish Kumar should be courageous enough to remove state Health Minister Tej Pratap Yadav from his ministry on his ordering IGIMS superintendent Dr PK Sinha to provide such a princely facility for family of former Chief Minister. Dr PK Sinha has rightly disowned responsibility for wrong-doing because Tej Pratap Yadav ordered IGIMS superintendent in his capacity as Chairperson of the instit...
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Bring BCCI under RTI Act
Dear Editor, Central Information Commission-CIC deserves all compliments for its recent order dated 16.06.2017 -copy attached- in case-number CIC-LS-C-2012-000565, wherein answer is sought on following points from Prime Minister Office-PMO, Union Ministry of Sports and Union Ministry of Law on important points relating to cricket and BCCI. Why the Indian Cricket team even now carrying the logo of BCCI instead of sporting the Union of India symbol? Why the BCCI is still using the logo designed by British Raj in 1928 which resembles 90 per cent the symbol of star of India given by British Raj to his loyal princes? Why the Government of India does not change it to truly Indian Symbol with either tricolor or four lions or Ashoka’s Dharm Chakra or any other logo decided by the Government ...
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Loan waiver to farmers
Dear Editor, The Bank Loan waiver of farmers at the cost of economic growth is not desired. The root cause of problems of farmers for not able to repay the loans -that is -their poor earnings that must be solved by taking appropriate steps for improving the farmers economic conditions i.e., increasing their incomes. For that -help / guidance at all levels to them to produce more of quality and quantitative crops, marketing-selling measure of the crop- to maximize their profits. The government can either fix minimum price for their crop sales or purchase directly from them at a price fixing allowing them a sizeable profit to them. And, the government can provide measures to help them for alternative income earning (two sources of income instead of one on which they are wholly and solely...
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Recording of court-proceedings
Dear Editor, Union Law Ministry had some years ago taken initiative for introducing video-recording of court-proceedings. But there has been no further progress so far in the matter. Suggestions for video-recording of courts’ proceedings are being floated for quite some now which is not at all difficult and expensive in present-days’ advanced technology. Steps should be taken for immediate implementation of the much-needed project at least at Supreme Court and High Courts. Rather there should be a system of audio-recording of complete courts’ proceedings. Copies of these audio-tapes may also be supplied to recognised media-subscribers on payment after the courts’ proceedings are over for the day to avoid any chance of misreporting of courts’ proceedings. Such audio-recordings will a...
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BOI’s Ghar Ghar Dastak
Dear Editor, KUDOS Bank of India one of the most branded Bank’s in India for observing a marketing drive, a mass contact programme called as “Ghar Ghar Dastak” Mahotsav throughout the country to generate more leads and more business under retail assets, liabilities and enhance mobile banking , digitisation across all the branches. Under “Ghar Ghar Dastak” a “door to door” campaign under which all the staff approach and meet the existing as well as prospective customers, soliciting further business from them. There have been many satisfying milestone, but what the BOI really prides itself on, is its customer orientation and the joy of winning their trust. Relationship beyond banking has been the style of Bank of India during the past, the present and Bank is pursuing it on a sounder ...
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Cost-cutting measures at Air India
Dear Editor, Air India has adopted some petty measures for cost-cutting including like discontinuing salad from food served in economy class of international flights. National airliner has also cut down its in-house magazine Shubh-Yatra to 25-percent in its efforts to reduce weight on the aircrafts. Since all airliners except Jet Airways and Air India have discontinued serving free food on their domestic flights, it should also follow the same for further cost-cutting. It can even follow Indian Railways by charging cost of earphones from passengers desiring to use TV-screens on seat-backs in domestic flights of Air India. —Madhu Agrawal, 1775 Kucha Lattushah Dariba Delhi....
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Post offices should accept RTI petitions
Dear Editor, Presently about 4500 out of about 160000 post-offices in the country provide a user-friendly service of accepting RTI petitions addressed to central public authorities without requiring any postal charges to be paid by RTI petitioners. Following a CIC-verdict recommending increasing number of such post-offices to 27000, Department of Posts went even beyond by deciding to provide such facility to all about one-and-half lakh post-offices in the country. But unfortunately Department of Posts changed its mind when the facility is still not implemented in all post offices of the country. There are absolutely no practical problems in providing facility to accept RTI petitions addressed to central public-authorities without requiring postal charges at all post offices of the count...
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Over-sale of medicines
Dear Editor, Many drug-manufacturers in order to increase sale of their medicines have started packing medicine-strips with fifteen tablets or capsules in a strip rather than earlier ten. Idea behind such a move is to over-sale medicines because chemists usually sell medicines in full strips only, and unused tablets or capsules in part-strip are total waste for consumers. Only recently many medicines including like Amaryl-1, Telma-40 and Glyzid-M, Pan-D etc have been started being marketed in strips other than earlier of ten tablets or capsules. Several manufacturers of commonly advertised medicines like cough-lozenges have moved in reverse direction by having just eight cough-lozenges per strip rather than ten, only because consumers normally judge price of such commonly advertised medi...
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IT e filing Adhaar make it simple
Dear Editor, Now to file income tax returns(ITR) from July 1, 2017 Aadhaar s mandatory which require One Time Password(OTP) -this procedure is cumbersome and much inconvenient to tax payers. E-filing must be most simple and with minimum steps to upload I- T Returns.To make it easier, it is suggested to do away with OPT, instead, the income tax department just for better security allot one time password like PAN number in the same way as in ATM cards used for banking transactions and net banking is done. Or instead of OTP have double password one for opening e -filing account and second password created by tax payer and be registered it at income tax website after linking of Aadhaar to file ITR. When all the banking transactions are taking place with passwords then why OTP is required jus...
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Domestic help at public-expense
Dear Editor, It refers to shocking news-item that Delhi Government on 30.05.2017 through a notification approved one domestic help for all the retired judges of Delhi High Court and their spouses, subsequent to judges of Delhi High Court passing a resolution to this effect in April this year. Earlier Supreme Court judges also arranged similar facility for themselves in November 2016 subsequent to a resolution passed in the conference of Chief Justices held in New Delhi on 22-23 April 2016. It is doubted that other High Courts may soon follow the same in coming days. Disgusting logic behind the move is that it is pathetic to see retired judges standing in queues for payment of water or power bills, without citing even a single incident in present era of on-line payments. Is pension of re...
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