Tuesday, February 20, 2018
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Bank frauds puncture Modi's no-scam claims
Congress, BJP cannot pass on the buck to each other
By K. Raveendran
Congress and the BJP are playing hide and seek with the people of India by blaming each other for the massive banking fraud by Nirav Modi, the diamond dealer to the world's glitterati. Originally estimated to cost Rs 12,300 crore, the value of the plunder is now scaled up to Rs 30,000 crore. The BJP has added it to the infamous UPA scam list, and is even claiming credit for the 'alertness of the banking system introduced by the Narendra Modi government', which according to the party unearthed the fraud. NDA ministers have fished out a 2013 letter written by one of the then directors of Allahabad Bank, complaining to the Reserve Bank and the then finance secretary against granting loans to Nirav Modi and his uncle Mehul Choksi. Not to be undone by the charge of political complicity, Congre...
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Backward Class Country..!
By Robert Clements
With so many advantages for the backward classes in India, many forward class citizens are trying to certify themselves as backward and the day is coming when the whole nation may be known as backward! The philosopher cum astrologer cum godman rubbed his hands with glee and ghee while smiling at his enlightened following. "This new move on the part of the elitist forward bloc to step back and become part of the great Indian backward castes will show the rest of the world our truly ancient laid back culture. They will know we are a great people. Instead of wasting time and effort like them, striving stupidly to gain entry into Fortune 500, we want only recognition as poor and down trodden. Instead of showing off, showing the world we are super superior powers we proudly claim our backward...
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India-Pakistan tensions escalate
By A.G. Noorani
THE current stand-off between India and Pakistan is highly troublesome, and needs to be stopped - at once. For, it is accompanied by gruesome violations of the ceasefire on the Line of Control in Kashmir as well as the International Working Border. The language used in the verbal spat itself is menacing enough. Things can get out of hand. On Feb 12, India's Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said, "I wouldn't certainly set a timeline [for action against Pakistan]. But will say this; Pakistan will pay for this misadventure. I repeat; Pakistan will pay for it." She was referring to a militant attack two days prior at the Sunjuwan military station in Jammu, in which five soldiers and one civilian were killed, and 11 persons including an army major were injured. The very next day, Pakista...
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The Magic World of Books..!
By Robert Clements
Many years ago a close friend pointed out the doors of a cinema hall to me and said, “When you enter those doors Bob, lose yourself to a world of fantasy!” I would say the same when you open the covers of a book, “Lose yourself to the authors imagination!” Let him or her, take you from the first sentence, to Timbuctoo, Mars or the moon. Just fasten your seat belt and don’t fall off! Many do. Yes, many fall off a book, because they entered it’s covers with wrong intentions: Some, with the idea of studying the authors style, his command over language. Some bought the book, to improve their own vocabulary, some to be able to write like the author. And sooner or later, they fall off, the book is kept aside, never to be opened again. Read, dear friend to lose yourself in it. Words, those twe...
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BJP distorts facts in rewriting history
By Satish Misra
Prime Minister Narendra Modi's intervention during the debate on the motion of thanks on the presidential address to the joint sitting of the budget session in the two house of Parliament on Thursday-February 7- was very combative and challenging. Modi accused the Congress for many failures and also faulted the country's oldest party for being responsible for the partition of India in 1947 and allowing Pakistan to have a part of the state of Jammu & Kashmir. Modi told the Congress leaders in the Lok Sabha: "Even after 70 years, 125 crore Indians are daily facing the consequences of the seeds of poison you sowed then." Another notable feature of the Prime Minister's over 70 minutes intervention was that if Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel had been allowed to become the country's first Prime Minis...
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The Banker..!
By Robert Clements
My banker neighbor who till a year ago was the most amiable fellow in the colony, now hardly greets any of us, “How he’s changed!” sighed the secretary of the colony, “Last year, he would chase me everyday to shift my account to his bank, but now he tells me, “No fixed deposit, no Adhaar card, no account!” There was the sound of the lift gate being closed and I watched as the same banker walked to his car. It was a different walk from the casual friendly gait he had before, and two security men strode on either side of him. The secretary of the colony, tried to approach him but was pushed away roughly by the two guards, “Sir, it is about the colony bank account!” shouted the secretary. “The boss does not want to talk to you!” said one of the security rudely, “Can’t you see he has other ...
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Islamabad shaken by Pashtun resurgence
Traumatised by terrorism, racial profiling
By Sankar Ray
The protest movement visibly unnerved the establishment, the military power-mongers in the main. Which is why the dominant media blacked out the event initially (under diktat from the ruling brass), wide coverage by international media like New York Times, Independent of London and Le Monde notwithstanding. "Naqeeb Masud Shaheed: Zwanan Mo Qatal Kege Da Sanga Azadi Da, Pashto Der Khkule Nazam.- a pick from a song in Pashto by Pashtuns has been reverberating in the wide space confronting of the National Press Club, Islamabad, where thousands of Pashtuns began a sit-in protest more than a week ago. A poster near the dais in English, Urdu and Pashto read 'Justice for Naqeeb Masud. Twentyseven year-old Naqeebullah Mehsud (also known as Naseemullah), employed at a garment mill in Karachi, ...
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He Paints the Picture..!
By Robert Clements
I spent this morning with a ninety three year old, friend Bansi Singh. She spoke softly about death and how she had gone through her husband’s death, then her son’s the year before last and then tragedy of tragedy’s, the death of her granddaughter, last year. “Why?” she asked me, “Did God do this to me?” And a picture came to my mind: She was seventeen. Beautiful. Dying. I visited her at home in Andheri. She smiled, the smile of an angel. “She will soon be an angel,” a voice seemed to whisper to me, “She already is,” I whispered back holding back my sobs. “Cancer,” said her father, “why?” Pictures came to my mind. Her toothy smile at three, the first time I had gone to her home and then over the years as her father and I became close friends, then business associates. Her first Holy C...
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Kasganj Violence: Unveiling the Anatomy of a Riot
By Ram Puniyani
Communal violence has been the bane of our society. There had been a perception that this violence is a spontaneous clash between two communities. Over a period of time, it is becoming clear that it is not a spontaneous phenomenon, nor is it a clash between two communities, it is a planned violence. Scholars basing themselves on analysis of the inquiry commission reports and the pattern of riots show that violence is generally a planned event to polarize the communities for electoral benefits. Surely apart from communal parties other parties also have to be blamed for various slips of mainly omission and partly occasionally for active commission of the violence. The main source of this curse of our society is communal politics, which aims to rule in the name of religious identity. If ther...
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Entry Refused.!
By Robert Clements
As I watch Trump disallowing outsiders into his turf, I wonder why those who want to go to his land of milk and honey don’t make their own land as good or better, so they can say, “Ours is now better than yours sir!” I imagined a day like that: “Sir,” says the only emigration officer on duty at the JFK Airport, “I haven’t got my salary!” “I have no money to pay you man,“ says Donald, “There’s nobody coming here anymore! Why aren’t they though?” “They don’t need to sir!” says his Vice President with a forlorn look, “They’ve made their own countries better than ours!” “Better than my America?” “Yes, Mr President! You kept shooing them away from your Garden of Eden till they made their own Edens!” said the Vice President, “Many of our own people have left to live there!” “What’s so sp...
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Pre-poll promises to Bharat's farmers and poor
'Ease of living' deal without ease of financing
By S. Sethuraman
The Modi Government thus far cannot claim to have mastered the art of seizing black money and benami properties and providing a corruption-free regime, leave alone the economic growth and lack of private investments in these four years. Nor is there anything of substance in Jaitley's latest (fifth) budget to trigger "animal spirits" for business investment to revive. An elaborate exercise in "friendliness" to the farmer in distress for long, to the small business, devastated by demonetisation, and "healthcare" for poorer sections, crafted by Prime Minister Modi, was faithfully projected by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley in the Union Budget for 2018/19. That it is all politically timed for safeguarding the strength of ruling BJP-led NDA in a critical election year in states leading t...
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Likee Speechee..!
By Robert Clements
‘HOW!” “How!” I shouted. “It means good!” “How means ‘good’ in Chinese?” I asked with a smile. The young man smiled and nodded and we both went back to watching the program. He was Song Yumin, the Deputy Consul General of China and what we were watching was a staged Chinese Wedding, enacted by members of the embassy staff. “How!” I shouted. “Good!” shouted Song. I watched enthralled as the group sang and danced and showed us Chinese customs we knew nothing about. Till today all I knew about China, was the ‘Made in China’ label that was part of most products in the market and the Chinese food I loved. I had walked down Canal Street in New York and had even gone into the numerous Chinese stores there but had never really tried to get to know the people. Today I realized they were war...
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