Coronavirus and Shaheen Bagh

Kashmir Times. Dated: 3/23/2020 11:27:54 PM

Dear editor,
Following the instructions of Prime Minister, Sunday was considered as national shutdown in shape of Janta curfew. But Shaheen Bagh's women decided to keep on their protest in a unique way while respecting the PM's call and they said, we will take care of our health. We wash our hands several times as we make ablution five times daily and we cover our mouths with our Burqa. We sit separately that there is 1 metter distance between two women. They also said that coronavirus is temporary. It is from God. And He will remove it we believe, but CAA will remain forever. It will disturb all Indians in future. So we will keep on our protest until government doesn't listen to our demands. I appeal the government to talk to them because they too are the Indians.
--Shahin Ahmed



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