Be careful

Kashmir Times. Dated: 3/23/2020 11:29:26 PM

Dear Editor,
It is adding to concern that the COVID-19 count continued to surge across the country. India presently has around 400 positive cases of corona, and 7 already have died. It seems that if we do not take it serious and ignore the precautions, it will keep on surging day by day, then the country will have to face the same harsh situation which took place in Italy, due to taking it lightly. Recently Italy has completely been wrapped by this pandemic disease. It broke out the way that the Italian government has lost its all powers before it. The similar situation is also reported from Iran and some other countries. Without people's cooperation to control this infectious diseases in our nation is impossible by Indian government . Everybody must fight with COVID-19 following all the instructions and guidelines issued by the state and the central governments, because we can together defeat this disease. --Md Nur Musaeed



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