Doctor testing COVID-19 Positive: An Administrative Failure?

KT NEWS SERVICE. Dated: 3/31/2020 11:50:57 PM

Medico testing positive part of team assigned for collection of samples: GMCHJ Doctors

JAMMU, Mar 31: J&K UT like other parts of world and rest of the country is showing an upsurge in the COVID positive cases as well as a steep surge at more than ten thousand people who are kept under quarantine/surveillance till March 30.
The situation is extremely worrisome and it adds to the worries when a healthcare professional (Doctor) catches the virus while performing his duties. Although the news of first doctor who was put under home quarantine went unnoticed by the media, she being female yet this news of doctor getting test positive for COVID has gone viral on social media, in general public and main stream media too.
Talking to ‘The Kashmir Times’ a health worker on his anonymity told that the female doctor was put on duty to screen patients of this viral infection without proving her proper personal protection kit (PPE). Once the patient with whom she interacted in screening cabin tested positive 03 weeks back, she had to go on home quarantine for two weeks and after return was again put on same spot for duties.
At that time one Dr. Vishal Tandoon (a pharmacologist) who has been made Incharge of every clinical and administrative activity in GMC Jammu by the Principal and blindly backed by the FC H&ME, put his foot down by not providing PPEs to the staff deputed to screen patients (Level A of COVID Care).
He further told that now to save her own skin HoD Microbiology is claiming that the test positive doctor was not part of Coronavirus testing team. The claim is absurd and in human. This is just to cover up the short comings in management of COVID epidemic and to save her skin.
Pertinently, there is a tug of war going on between HOD Microbiology, Number 2 in Microbiology department of GMC as well as Principal GMC Jammu. The Health Commissioner is well aware of these things, he is also well aware of the things that Principal is weak administrator and the college is being run by few very junior people as per their whims & fancies. Why Health Commissioner is silent in the matter is only known to him, he informed.
He also told that the health department fails to come up to the expectations of general masses due to its failure to curtail the epidemic, who shall be responsible for that. Although very deaths and exponential incidence of COVID positive patients world over has been reported but if some healthcare professional dies out of become COVID positive while performing his or her duties, this is a great cause of concern because it not only makes the general masses frustrated and insecure but it also sends a wave of negativity, demonization, lethargy and overall sense of insecurity amongst the healthcare workers. If healthcare workers are not safe, how a common man will be safe. The Health authorities should speed up their efforts in dealing with COVID 19 epidemic before it becomes too late. He maintained.
Meanwhile, Doctors today said that Doctor, who tested positive for coronavirus in Jammu was part of the team assigned for collection of samples of corona virus in Jammu.
In a statement, Doctors said that the HoD Microbiology has said that Doctor was not part of corona virus testing team in a media statement is not true.
Doctors further said that Coronavirus positive Doctor was the part of collection team and was working overtime since the outbreak of Covid-19 in Jammu, but the HOD intentionally suppressed this information in order to avoid questions from media and public in general regarding the protection and safety of medical staff dealing with covid-19 cases.
Doctors said we need hazmat suits and other essential protection gear for the medical staff, especially those dealing with Covid-19 cases.



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