4 more test positive in Kishtwar

ARIF MUNSHI. Dated: 5/22/2020 12:29:54 AM

KISHTWAR, May 21: A day after 20-year old youth tested positive from Kishtwar with travel history from Ludhiana, three more contact of the already tested positive were today tested positive and thus take the total number of cases officially declared by the officials to four while after making the official statement one more person tested positive with travel history from Bhopal.
As per the details available with Kashmir Times, the three positive cases which were reported today was already in quarantine centre and was part of a group of 18 persons who had arrived at Kishtwar on 15th after reaching at Jammu via train.
The senior officials said that all the three persons with travel history from Nagpur and are in quarantine centre and had already been isolated.
Meanwhile a senior official told the Kashmir Times that the sample of the doctor and pharmacist who had went into quarantine will be collected in a day or two added that all precautionary measures are being taken to prevent the health staff from falling prey to the virus.
In addition to above four positive cases that reported today, another poll sample involving five persons already in quarantine had found to be with high viral load.
After the report of high viral load in the group samples, fresh samples were collected from them for final confirmation.
Kishtwar positive case told the Kashmir Times that no fresh sample is collected from him at Jammu. He said that only food and medicines are being served to him along with other patients kept in the quarantine added that no one is listening or communicating them.



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