Officials say fake news, seems family dispute; Axing of apple trees during nights in Srigufwara village

KT NEWS SERVICE. Dated: 6/6/2020 12:24:20 AM

ANANTNAG, Jun 5: The axing of trees during night hours last night has been reported from Mahind village of Srigufwara in Anantnag distric.
However, officials in a statement have described it as a fake news saying only few trees belonging to two families were cut and that it seems a family dispute.
Earlier, reports had said unknown persons in last four days have chopped off hundreds of apple trees in village orchards during the night hours.
Government officials issued a statement and said a fake news is being circulated on social media regarding cutting down 350 trees in Anantnag." Few graft trees belonging to two particular families have been damaged. FIR has been registered. Seems to be land dispute among families. Legal action will be initiated against those propagating this fake news. FIR has been registered in context of this fake news," the statement said.
Earlier, reports had said the apple trees chopped off by the unknown people include both delicious and high density.
The reports stated that the first incident of tree chopping, according to locals occurred in the newly developed orchards located towards Hatigam side, a neighbouring village. Since the damage caused to the trees was not so massive, people took the incident as an isolated one and did not take a serious note of the same.
What made the villagers worried when only a day after during the intervening night of 2 and 3 June, miscreants chopped off the apple trees in three other orchards in other side of the village. This time, villagers said, the miscreants had damaged at least two hundred trees.
In two of the orchards, miscreants, local residents said, had cut down the huge branches of the dozens of fruit producing trees while in another newly developed high density orchard, around hundred trees faced the axe of the miscreants.
On Friday, the villagers again woke up to hear about the cutting down of dozens of fruit giving huge apple trees in orchards belonging to three more villagers. However, the chopping of orchards, this time, had happened in another side of the village.
A farmer whose orchard was targeted in the third incident said that the miscreants have caused massive damage to their trees. "These orchards are our only source of survival. But we are at loss to understand who does this and why," he wondered.
Rameez Rasool Bhat, whose high density orchard was axed two days back said that they were devastated to see at least hundred trees in their orchard having been cut at the stem.
"We had grown this quality of apple trees two years ago. Since this variety of apple trees produces the fruit only after three years and next year we were hopeful of reaping the fruit of the hardwork we had done on this orchard. Before planting the trees we had to level the ground which consumed us lakhs of rupees. But I wonder how come someone be so cruel to chop off the trees of the farmers they care about more than anything else," Rameez rued.
Even as police has registered a case into the incidents of cutting down of trees but the frightened and helpless villagers only keep guessing as to who actually could be behind all this.
"Nobody has any idea about who is behind this. Everyone knows how grim is the situation in Kashmir. People fear to come out of their houses only after the evening prayers and since outbreak of Pandemic most of the people offer prayers at their homes. But in such a situation how come someone roam freely during night and cut trees," the villagers said.
They said police should expose and arrest the people involved in tree chopping in the village.
"Now police has assured us of starting a night vigil in and around the village. We are hopeful that it will soon expose the elements behind tree chopping that has left the entire village in a state of fear," villagers said.
A police official said the case has been registered with regard to the incidents of cutting of apple trees and investigations have been set into motion to nab the people involved.



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