Geelani disassociates himself from Hurriyat-G, says will continue to lead people

KT NEWS SERVICE. Dated: 6/30/2020 12:35:03 AM

Levels serious allegations of irregularities, indiscipline, betrayal against others

SRINAGAR, June 29: In a dramatic political development here, veteran separatist leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani today announced his dissociation from Hurriyat Conference (G) of which he was the lifetime chairman.
In a two page letter to members of Hurriyat(G), he said he will continue to stand by his political stand on Kashmir issue and lead the people.
Geelani has levelled serious allegations against other Hurriyat (G) members and accused them of revolting against his leadership, indiscipline and financial irregularities. He also blamed them for encouraging and patronising their representatives in Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK), who besides running a parallel Hurriyat and indulging into irregularities and indiscipline are getting coverage from their favourable media there. The separatist leader also blamed PoK members of undermining the position of their convenor there.
Since last year it was widely being believed in the political circles here that Geelani is unable to speak on important issues because of his ill health and restrictions imposed on him particularly after the abrogation of Article 370. But today his two-page letter and his brief audio message was widely circulated and got lot of coverage in media besides social media. His move took many by surprise even as there were already reports of infighting in Hurriyat (G). However, Geelani disassociating himself from Hurriyat (G) at this situation came as a surprise in political circles here.
Geelani in his today's letter said that the branch of Hurriyat ( G) in PoK is mere a representative forum and not authorised to take individual or collective decisions. "There were serious allegations against them for some time, particularly in the last two years. The activities of these representatives were limited now to seeking access to assemblies and ministries for joining the government there (PoK). They indulged in financial irregularities and resorted to infighting," he said.
Geelani said some of the members were dismissed for charges against them and investigations were on against some others. "They took these investigations as a contempt against them and started holding separate meetings and sidelining their convenor there. Subsequently, the forum was suspended indefinitely. To save their skin they continued their activities to make their body as a parallel to Hurtiyat Conference here," Geelani said.
He alleged that members in PoK were trying to portray his messages and statements irrelevant and they even set up an inquiry commission to investigate about his will regarding his final journey after death. "They violated Hurriyat constitution by setting up their parallel Majlis Shoura there. You people here in Srinagar instead of taking action against them for this unconstitutional step endorsed their decision at a meeting of Majlis Shoura here despite the lockdown due to Covid 19 and the restrictions on leaders. You also gave an impression that your move had my support. This is untrue. This is revolt and betrayal," he said.
He also referred to inaction by the Hurriyat members post the abrogation of the special status of Jammu and Kashmir, and the division of the erstwhile state into two Union territories.
“I sent messages to you through various means so that the next course of action could be decided but all my efforts (to get in touch) went in vain. Now that the sword of accountability is hanging over your heads for the financial and other irregularities, you thought of calling the advisory committee meeting,” he alleged.
Geelani said he was forced by the constituent parties in 2003 to take over the reins of the Hurriyat Conference and later, made lifetime chairman.
“The lack of discipline and other shortcomings were ignored and you did not allow a robust accountability system to be established over the years but today, you have crossed all limits and indulged in rebellion against the leadership,” he added.



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