India sets new Covid record of deaths, infections, recoveries & tests

KT NEWS SERVICE. Dated: 8/1/2020 12:45:00 AM

NEW DELHI, July 31: India on Friday registered a single day's allround record of Covid-19 in terms of deaths, infections, recoveries and tests, showing almost triple hike of 10.52lakh in the persons testing positive in a month from 5.85 lakh on July 1 to 16.39 lakh on July 31.
The highest 6.43 lakh tests were conducted in the past 24 hours, raising the total number of samples tested since March to 1.88 crore while the highest 55,078 were found infected with positive symptoms as against previous day's high of 52,123.
The number of deaths went up to 779 as against 775 on the previous day, raising the total deaths in the country from the disease to 35,747. There were also the highest 37,223 recoveries because of which total patients cured and dehospitalised jumped to 1.58 lakh. There are, however, 5.45 lakh patients are still in the hospital which is 33.35% of the total infected.
The mortality rate in the country dropped further to 2.21% as against 2.23% on the previous day while the recoveries were registered at 64.44%.
The government has jacked up the tests in the country in the past one month from 2.18 lakh on July 1 to 6.43 lakh on July 31 while the deaths during the same period doubled from 18,653 on July 1 and those still in hospitals swelled from 2.2 lakh on July to 5.45 lakh now. The recoveries during the same period shot up three times from 3.18 lakh on July 1 to 10.58 lakh on July 31.



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