Happy Teachers' Day

By AHSAN UL HAQ. Dated: 9/5/2020 4:18:48 PM

Thank you, my beloved teachers, for all your efforts to make me a better person

Teachers are the important pillars of society. A teacher is a friend, philosopher, and guide who teaches, philosophizes, and enriches students. From academic knowledge to moral, ethical or social--a teacher is a treasure trove. Faithfully, a teacher’s contribution to the world is priceless and irreplaceable. Teaching is the world’s most respected profession. A teacher is the one who shapes the nation inside his/her classroom. Teachers are known to form the minds of youth, they bestow good qualities on their students and make them responsible citizens. It is a profession and mission taught by Prophets, Saints, Sufis, and Gurus.
India celebrates Teachers’ Day every year on 5th of September, while the world celebrates it on the 5th of October. It is celebrated in India to commemorate the birth date of the second president Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. In 1962, Dr. Radhakrishnan’s students approached him to celebrate his birthday. However, instead of celebrating his birthday, he suggested them it would be his proud pleasure if the day instead is celebrated as Teachers’ Day to honor all the teachers. However, various countries have specific dates to mark the day. The day is marked to honor teachers and celebrates their contribution in general.
Today when the entire nation is celebrating Teachers’ day. I do not want to miss the golden opportunity to pay my tribute to all those teachers who taught me one way or the other. There come hundreds of teachers in one’s learning endeavor. But some are remembered for centuries to come. Today I pay humble gratitude to all my beloved teachers right from my schooling to the highest seat of learning.
When I roll back and recall the contribution of my teachers. My sweet memories straight take me to the time when I was a student of Govt Middle School DoursaLolab. It is here where I started craving to explore the world of knowledge. My teachers here instilled in me the habit of hard work with the utmost care and love. Than next world that I started my secondary education was Govt Higher Secondary School TekiporeLolab. Here the horizons of my mind broadened too. My teachers here inspired up to the maxim and made me an energetic student. As time rolled by I kept on getting inspired by my teachers and the enthusiasm in me at every stage would get accelerated at Govt Degree College Kupwara. Here I came across so many nice teachers whose fond memories have laid indelible imprints upon my mind.
How can make I forget my university life at Bhopal Madhya Pradesh? The memories are simply unforgettable. The affectionate professors here taught me with love and care. They taught the habit of voracious readership. Their teaching inspired me to go further and further in exploring the vast world of knowledge.
Finally, after having completed my post-graduation I had a dream that got fulfilled. And the dream was nothing else than pursuing my research at the University of Kashmir. A new world to make oneself realize that the world of research is too big. Here at the department of English, life seemed too interesting to learn things. It is here where I started meticulously analyzing the things. The eminent professors and their hard work, dedication, and work-culture enabled me to excel further and developed the scholarly approach of seeing and analyzing. The department despite so many unavoidable circumstances whether political or pandemic is always in its toes to progress and achieve the more.
Paying them tribute doesn’t lessen the burden of a nice student, but reminds them that you are the world’s greatest treasure for me. Dear teachers, your love, dedication, and utmost care have made me brave enough.
Thank you dear teachers for your valuable contribution, guidance, and encouragement that gives new impetus to the lives of your students. A true teacher benefits by teaching because they know that they build individuals who will have the expertise, compassion, and commitment to end suffering by, providing knowledge to the next generation. A great teacher not only teaches but boosts his/her students to achieve the impossible. A true teacher does not give students something to drink but makes you feel thirsty.
A great teacher knows the art of luring out a story/lecture to his/ her students and keeping them interested. She/he teaches while entertaining the pupils. And when they remain under a master storyteller's spell, the students take a lot of interest under learning.
I shall never be able to pay my teachers back what they did for me. It is all because of them that I am what I am. A teacher’s loving smile will make his/her students enthusiastic. No doubt a teacher must be strict, but it will never overpower his loving side. Love and strictness must be chemistry that helps the students to question and argue the doubts rationally, ethically, and morally. A teacher- taught -the relationship is two-fold. It is only the love, compassion, and care the bridges the gap between the student and teacher. How beautiful William Arthur Ward has said, “The mediocre teacher tells, the good teacher explains, the superior teacher demonstrates, the great teacher inspires.”
The author is pursuing a Doctorate from the Department of English, University of Kashmir and can be mailed at: ahsanulhaq045@gmail.com



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