My Days in the Plastic Department of SKIMS: A tribute to those great doctors

By AHSAN UL HAQ. Dated: 9/24/2020 11:34:05 PM

Literally speaking I am lost to know where to start but let me break the ice with ‘a doctor is second to God when the patient is hanging between life and death’. Today while writing this homage I recollect my life at the plastic department of SKIMS Soura. My whole life owes to those sympathetic and lovable doctors of the department like Dr. Inam, Dr. Umar, Dr. Mohsin, and their team who saved me a decade back at SKIMS, Soura. Indeed, it is their hard work and dedication that today I am able to pay them reverence through ink. You are truly amazing, compassionate & brilliant human beings.
It is one of the noblest professions in the world. The doctor is a healer, one who diminishes the agony/pain, tension/anxiety, fears/doubts in and around the individual. Mainly it is not the disease/illness that makes the patient sad/hopeless, rather it is the anxiety and haziness about the disease/illness that makes the individual obscure and sad. A doctor’s smile and affectionate behavior may do a marvel to heal and bring the patient round.
A decade back, I very well reminisce when I met a tragic accident on the outskirts of my edifice in Lolab. That day due to a tragic incident, my condition had gone so deteriorated that my well-wishers had lost all hope of my survival. But fate had something different in store for me. I was shifted to the Plastic and Reconstructive Department of SKIMS Soura, a new chapter of my life for six long and hectic months was set on. As I was lying on my death bed struggling between life and death wrapped up entirely in the white mesh (bandage) that I have never thought of. Fortunately, I found God in the human shape of Dr. Inam Zaroo along with his extra-talented team of Doctors comprising of Dr. Umar, Dr. Mohsin, Dr. Aadil Bashir, and Dr. Tariq to name a few.
As years rolled by, my wounds healed and I found myself newly born. I didn’t realize how time passed but as life went by, memories faded. However, there are certain people in one’s life whom one can never forget. I can never pay you back my beloved doctors what you did for me. To do all the medical treatment and to operate no doubt was your duty, but love, care, and utmost dedication are beyond once reach.
One such great personality whose favors, love, and utmost care I even remember today is Dr. Inam Zaroo Sahib, who was the Professor/Consultant in the Department of Plastic surgery at Soura then. Dr. Sahib is a renowned figure in the valley still, but unfortunately, he now works abroad. Dr. Umar, simultaneously whose courtesies are so many, is now more than a brother to me. He is such a great doctor! I have never seen in my life a doctor like him so humble and down to earth, always wearing green uniforms to sincerely serve his patients. Dr. Umar is still at my end for on and off visits to the plastic department. Dear Dr. Umar your love and late-night visits to my bed No 13, providing me the highest hope of life is ultimate. He had an extra world of attachments with his patients beyond the world of treatment and medication. Dr. Mohsin, is always on his toes to save the precious lives of people. I still recollect a great incident when an operated boy of around 13 years old at late night began to vomit in the hospital ward post-operation. Dr. Mohsin who was on night duty sucked all the waste material from patients’ mouth. While sucking with his lips without even a bit of irritation or foul smell until the staff brought the patient to the ICU. No doubt the patient breathed his lost in the morning the next day in the hospital yet the extra-ordinary zeal and sympathy shown by him need to be written in the golden word. Dr. Umar and Dr. Mohsin kept me inspiring even beyond the walls of the hospital still. Both of them were always at my rescue even at late and wee hours of morning and kept me fighting all the challenging time during my treatment. Dr Umar apart from doctor is a beacon full of love and amazing personality. Some other young doctors’ names deserves to be mentioned like Dr. Gowhar, Dr. Suhail, Dr. Riyaz, Dr. Towheed.
I lack words to express my gratitude to Dr. Inam Zaroo, and his entire team. Dr. Inam Sahib’s marvelous words filled with a unique kind of rejuvenation still resonate in my ears though happened long ago. As one day he approached me directly in the dressing room and said, “Ahsan there are very few chances that you may be able to work again with as the survival is tough, but I will try my best, to do something good for you, and it needs a lot of patience, time and courage from your side. If you are ready I do have to operate you again multiple times for bigger surgeries.” Had I any other choice but Ah! I nodded in affirmation, he came nearer and lowered himself a bit and took me in his arms affectionately for a hug to assure that I will again be recuperated. The entire scene was watched by Dr. Umar and Dr. Mohsin too. A great surgeon, one is astonished to hear the unbelievable surgeries he had performed in SKIMS. The entire department had started loving me more, and I would often disturb them by asking too many questioning even in the operation theatre prior to they make me sleep and quit with anesthesia. Dr. Aadil Bashir, always makes me laugh with some comic dialogues, Dr. Aadil Bashir, a person with a far-sighted vision and broad mentality would always make me laugh with his comic punches. He was an asset at his place. I recall having him said, “Ahsan, you ask too many questions keep quiet, and let’s do our job”. Who can I forget Dr. Tariq, he had an intellectual taste of literature and would quite often recite Urdu poetry while dressing my wounds during late nights in the dressing room. He would make me feel so comfortable that I even today feel the peace and tranquility that overpower me! Honestly, each one was better than the other.
At a time, when all the doctors except a few professors and consultants were on strike, the due date of my surgery had already been over. Dr. Inam came and found my wounds in critical condition, He became very upset. And couldn't operate me as the operation theatre was closed due to the ongoing strike. However, somehow within an hour he specially arranged to run the operation theatre for me and operated me along with an anesthesia doctor. May God bless you wherever you are? I shall never be able to pay them my gratitude. I salute you Dr. Inam sahib, Dr. Umar, Dr. Mohsin along with your praiseworthy team for your immense love, utmost care, extraordinary dedication, and heroism.
Doctors belong to thank-less profession, who saves the life and gives hope to the hopeless. Hats off, Inam sahib deserves inam (reward). There is immense love and respect, and I always remember you from the core of my heart Dr. Umar, Dr. Mohsin, Dr. Aadil, and Dr. Tariq. Had you not been there, I might not be in a position to write it today.
Dear Doctors, thank you for being the doctor you are, committed, caring and compassionate! You always go above and beyond and work tirelessly towards a healthy outcome. I feel so grateful to you and having you as my doctors.
The author is a doctoral fellow at the department of English, University of Kashmir and can be mailed at



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