Portable card-swapping machines be made compulsory for service-providers

Kashmir Times. Dated: 8/20/2021 12:32:21 AM

Dear Editor
Instead of providing Annual-Maintenance-Contracts (AMC) at extra cost after expiry of warranty, warranty-period may be extended to the maximum by including AMC charges in cost of equipment like is presently done by car-manufacturers in giving long-term warranty. This provision will be in best interest of consumers for their being saved from fraud mechanics coming for service or repair after expiry of warranty.

It is quite usual that mechanics providing after-sales-service at homes and offices replace parts even without any need to replace with old parts taken out from equipment of others thus making a cycle of parts being changed from equipment to other in name of new replaced parts. Such mechanics befooling consumers pocket such amounts charged through cheating without depositing the money with the company providing after-sales-service. They even do not hesitate giving hand-written amounts at times on loose job-sheets of the company. Some fraud mechanics

also cheat consumers through gimmick offers as if these are from service-providing companies. All mechanics must carry numbered job-sheets and cash-receipt books to avoid misuse of loose job-sheets by fraud mechanics.

Department of Consumer Affairs should also make it compulsory for all companies providing on-site after-sales-service that their service-mechanics may compulsorily carry with them card-swapping machines so that desiring consumers may make payments through credit or debit cards for ensuring that payments made by consumers are not pocketed by some fraud mechanics.


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