Cong flays Modi govt's over-dependence on coal

Kashmir Times. Dated: 11/4/2021 1:41:12 AM

NEW DELHI, Nov 03: The Congress on Wednesday noted that at a time when the world is moving towards digital and electronic media, the Modi government is becoming over-dependent on coal.

"Will the BJP government take responsibility for the damage caused to our forests and water resources," it asked in a tweet on #BJPHypocrisy, noting how the forests and lakes are being destroyed for digging out coal for making the railway tracks. That way, will the Indian Railways be "net zero" by 2030, it asked.

"In order to be 'net zero,' Indian railways need to focus on electrification & solar power. If PM Modi understood this, the number of coal powered metros would not be increasing," the Congress lamented.

Commenting on the gems of wisdom spread by the Prime Minister while being abroad, the Congress said Modi's practice in India is contrary to what he preached abroad.

In another tweet on the BJP's hypocrisy, The Congress said Modi talked of India wanting to help developing nations to accelerate clean energy transition, but at home in India his government has pushed the coal production to 1 billion tonnes (100 crore tonnes).

It said: "The greatest challenge for our agriculture sector is the Modi govt and its cruel politics." While abroad, Modi said climate change is a big challenge for agriculture sector, but back home the fact is that "projects like bullet train are forcibly acquiring and destroying farm lands & forests."

The Congress also had a dig at Prime Minister Modi for telling the world that "I have come with concerns for humanity." What about crimes against SC, ST, minorities, women increasing drastically in the last 7 years? Are they not humanity, it asked.

Another gem of Modi while being abroad was that "whenever we think of any work, we must certainly think how will it impact our national goals," the Congress said and asked "why it was not thought while taking the decisions on demonetisation of old currency notes, GST, unplanned lockdown and black farm laws?"

INTUC: "Everything the current dispensation has done, from the unplanned lockdown to dilution of labour rights has caused incredible pain to our workers. In the midst of these difficult times INTUC has been a platform where they can find solace," the Congress tweeted, noting that from its very first session, it became abundantly clear that INTUC was successful in gaining the trust of the nation's labour.

The Congress said: "INTUC, which was founded based on the teaching of Mahatma Gandhi, held its first conference with attendees like Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and many other prominent leaders. This first conference to establish INTUC that was addressed by then Congress president J B Kriplani had the presence of 200 trade unions and 5,65,000 members."



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