Omicron in US hits hospitals hard

Kashmir Times. Dated: 1/19/2022 9:44:05 PM

NEW DELHI, Jan 19: A wave of Omicron cases may be cresting in the northeastern U.S., but the number of Covid patients is at a record high and climbing, overwhelming hospitals whose staffs have been hollowed out by the coronavirus.
The average number of Americans hospitalized with the coronavirus is 157,000, an increase of 54 percent over two weeks. And the number could continue increasing for some time. Experts say data on deaths and hospitalizations tends to lag behind case numbers by about two weeks.
Hospital staffs are severely stretched, doctors’ groups say, after relentless surges in the U.S. that have surpassed those of most countries. Many workers are sick with Covid and others have quit under the pressure of the pandemic.
Though the idea of the virus becoming a manageable part of daily life has gained traction, experts warn that there is no guarantee that the population is building enough natural immunity and that there is no certainty around future variants.
Data: More than 790,000 new infections are being reported in the U.S. each day. Deaths now exceed 1,900 a day, up 50 percent over the past two weeks.



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