Teleprompter exposes truth of PM, says Cong

KT NEWS SERVICE. Dated: 1/19/2022 9:47:26 PM

NEW DELHI, Jan 19: The Congress on Wednesday attacked Prime Minister Modi for using teleprompter to spread lies in a series of tweets with the hashtag of #TeleprompterJeeviPM.
The teleprompter is a screen device that enables many, including the TV anchors political leaders and film actors, to read the script on it as if they are speaking from memory. Prime Minister Modi uses it extensively.
Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi was quick to point out on Monday how Modi stood dumb on a technical glitch of the teleprompter while addressing the World Economic Forum that disrupted his speech.
Cashing on this teleprompter failure, the Congress jumped to tweet: "We don't expect a government which peddles lies neatly scripted through a 'teleprompter' to understand the stark difference between the two. Do you?" It was commenting on the Visionary projects by the Congress governments that aid the prospects of Crores and vanity projects that aid the prospects of one.
It went on to assert that teleprompters can try to make one a "great orator," but never a true leader. It said the teleprompter is "the oldest weapon in BJP's fake news spreading arsenal." It said: "Turn a blind eye to reality, that is all the teleprompter reads for PM Modi.
Giving an example of the PM relying on teleprompter to claim: "We are walking ahead with the idea of 'Make in India, make for the world," the Congress said the reality is that India's trade with China crosses $125 billion and imports near $100 billion as reported by The Hindu.
Another example, teleprompter made him state: "The world praised India for its battle against Covid19." In Contrast, WHO said it doesn't trust India's Covid19 death figures.
Reeling out lies after lies, courtesy teleprompters, the Congress said: The sad reality of the devastation caused to our nation during the second wave of Covid does not exist in PM Modi’s eyes-- as far as he’s concerned, sab changa si and claim that "we helped more than 150 countries in their war against Covid19.
"Teleprompter reality: Welcome to 'Achchhe din," in contrast to the ground reality: "Welcome to mehange din." The Congress says: "Your everyday struggle to ensure two square meals a day for your family does not reflect on a teleprompter, always remember."
In another tweet, it asked: "When policies are based on jumlas delivered through carefully scripted speeches on 'teleprompters', who do you really think will benefit?" It says if you want your commute to be cost-effective, bring th 'teleprompter' government face to face with the ground reality.
The Congress says the masses are misled by showing lies on the teleprompters and they are made to pay higher taxes after the polls. It was the teleprompter claim to put Rs 15 lakh in every bank account while the reality is that PM Modi started campaign to raise funds for BJP after seeking help from the people in the national interest.
Inflation is making everybody's life miserable, but the life is wonderful on the teleprompter that makes the PM state that India is promoting "ease of doing business" and minimising the government's interference. The reality is how one year of Lockdown India made industries and MSME reel badly, a reason why Modi now advises the state governments against any lockdown, without admitting that he tried it first and ruined everybody, but no apology but loud claim that his policy saved millions from the Covid pandemic.
The Congress says dreams of "achchhe din" (good days) are shown on teleprompter only to inflate the prices thereafter. Modi said those wearing the "hawai chappal" (slippers) will be able to travel by aircraft, while truth is that his government made even cheaper shoes and slippers costlier by raising the GST on them from 5% to 12% from January 1, 2022.
Benefitting crores through the "Ujjavala Scheme" to supply cooking gas cylinders is limited to the teleprompters as the reality is that the poor are selling these cylinders in scrap to the Kabariwalas since they do not have money for the gas whose prices keep shooting up.
Teleprompter claim of honour to the "shahid" (martyrs) in the elections, but the truth cannot be hidden when wife of a Pulwama martyr sat on a dharna in Agra.



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