Simultaneous elections a 'total misadventure’: Stalin to Law Commission

Kashmir Times. Dated: 7/9/2018 1:51:32 PM

CHENNAI, July 8 (Agencies): DMK working president MK Stalin on Sunday comprehensively rejected the idea of simultaneous elections, which has been branded as 'One India One Election', on behalf of his party. He dismissed the idea to sync the conduct of Lok Sabha elections and Assembly election of all the states as a 'total misadventure'. He also said it is 'useless' to explore the possibility, since it had already been completely rejected in a previous attempt during the previous NDA government.
The call to hold elections simultaneously is an old idea that has filed to find traction in the past. It has been pushed by the present Narendra Modi government on the grounds that it would save time and money for the government to get done will all elections in one go. This was among the key points that Stalin targeted.
Stalin made his opposition to the idea clear in a letter to Justice BS Chauhan, chairman of the Law Commission of India.
The Commission had written to all recognised political parties, asking for their opinion on simultaneous elections.
"When the raison d'etre for conducting Simultaneous Elections appears to be the "massive expenditures" borne by the government in conducting elections, procurement of EVMs and VVPATs alone for conducting Simultaneous Elections would cost about 10,000 crores (recurring every 15 years). The entire expenditure borne by the central government for conducting general elections in 2014, meanwhile, was only Rs. 3870 crones or roughly, 45 rupees per elector. It is not clear how this can be considered 'huge' or 'massive' or how spending thousands of crores more would be more 'efficient'," said Stalin in his letter.



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