Trifurcation or a trilateral resolution

By Sadaket Malik. Dated: 9/13/2018 12:45:28 AM

Jammu and Kashmir is a human issue, human beings inhibit here. It is not an ethnic or regional or a national. It is a trilateral issue involving India Pakistan and People of Kashmir. All disputes are human concerns; this perception has made geopolitical stage to think of these concerns. In order to end the human rights violations of every kind. Some models have been veered by the intellectual strata across and within boarders to grab public opinion.
The suggestions for trifurcation can divide the people on communal lines and is a utopian concept; it is at the same time undemocratic and against the wishes of all communities. The seeds of division on religious lines will bring back the rotten concept of communal politics that was prevalent during immediately before and after Independence of India and Pakistan. Going by the human centralism and trilateral character of the issue, there are several broad parameters to be worked out in order to end human miseries prevalent in the sub-continent.
For achieving broad consensus, a unilateral ceasefire, release of prisoners and stopping up of human rights violations by all forces, Appointment of Joint Indo Pak Commission to investigate the increased human rights abuses perpetuated from all three sides i.e India Pakistan and militant groups. The compensation be made to the families by the concerned violators or offenders and in case of violation by the militant groups the compensation be borne by the India and Pakistan jointly. The Joint commission has to take into account the aspirations of all the communities viz Kashmiri Pundits, Muslims, Sikhs , Jains, Buddhists inhibiting in the state. The commission need to borne in mind the Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK) and China Occupied Kashmir (upto Aksai Chin) that are the part of Greater Kashmir. All these modalities can be achieved by putting in place the dialogue process that was prevalent during the reign of former Prime Minister of India, Atal Bihari Vajapayee and Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharief. These modalities' need a fleeting attention to end human miseries from decades that has put the future of our generations under uncertainty.
The failing of political machinery in the state is an eye opener and all the three areas need to be developed equally without further divisions or so called trifurcation or creation of union Territories. The trifurcation may lead to division of people and communities on communal lines and put in place 1947 position of mistrust and disamity. The trifurcation of the state is a utopian concept and undemocratic way of looking at the problems confronted by the people.
A) Broad Consensus among all Pro Dispute Groups
To extend appeal to Hurriyat Conference (Who accept Jammu-Kashmir as disputed land and adopt rational methods (despite differences on their ideologies) in order to create a broad united front to carry forward the dialogue.
B) Creating Normalcy In Jammu-Kashmir,
Particularly In Kashmir.
C) For Establishing Normalcy In Indo-Pak Relations :
There is a political upheaval in Pakistan, a new regime has been inducted headed by Imran Khan who is adventurous to carry forward better relations between the two countries. In order to bring normalcy in the state need is to extend the present Indo-Pak ceasefire on the border; Withdrawal of the forces of the two sides one kilometre at the Line of Control;
Opening of some closed routes between India and Pakistan and between Jammu-Kashmir and Azad Kashmir, for example Poonch-Uri Road connceting Haji Peer and Askardu-Kargil Road; Munnavao-Khokharapar, Poonch-Palandri (via Rawalakot), Jammu-Sialkot (via Suchetgarh), Srinagar-Muzaffarabad,
D). Setting Forth Modalities For Resolving Jammu-Kashmir Problem:
The foremost task is felt for Rejection of all military forms and adopting up of peaceful path by signing No War Agreement between the two countries. Rejection of all communal and divisive proposals; like Trifurcation or separate states. In order to proceed from the above modalities the daunting task before the three parties concerned to go for a compromising solution to the problem. All the ethnic communities of the state are given possible autonomy. The humanistic and realistic way to end human rights violations.
The Government in India and Pakistan has to put in place the actual democratic ideals by entering into talks with all the parties concerned to end human killings in Kashmir. The dialogue process and people to people contact are of urgent need to end this trauma.
(The Author is a freelance Columnist)



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