Physical Teachers, students receive training in basic life support

KT NEWS SERVICE. Dated: 10/6/2018 3:50:45 PM

JAMMU, Oct 5: The Department Of Youth Services & Sports has deputed a group of Physical Education Teachers and Students to Kashmir Skill and Simulation Centre (KSSC), Directorate Of Health Services Kashmir for a three day training programme.
In order to receive training in Basic Life Support, the Department has deputed a group of 25 trainees comprising Physical Education Teachers and Students of College of Physical Education College Ganderbal. The training involved the basics of pre-hospital care being given by a first responder at the time of any eventuality. Various topics were included which ranged from managing bleeding patients to CPR in an unconscious patient without breathing.
Rigorous mock drills were also held where the trainees were made to simulate and priorities in handling trauma patients as a first responder.
While highlighting the importance of Basic Life Support Skills for the field staff of Youth services & Sports Department, DG of the Department Dr Saleem ur Rehman said medical emergencies can strike anytime, anywhere, in schools, in a play field or even on roads and in most cases, medical assistance is not immediately available.
Our Physical Education teachers can be of great help in providing a helping hand to the people in need during the times of emergencies and accidents since they are present in every nook and corner of the state. “Physical Education Trainers can also impart the basic skills about Life Support to the students/ players and if they succeed in doing so accidental deaths and fatal injury rate can be minimized to a greater extent in our state.
Our Department envisions that all the players shall be scientifically managed during the times of sports injuries and other emergencies”.
He further said that the Department shall establish a well equipped BLS lab in the near future and imparting such type of essential training to the field staff of the Department will be made an important feature hereafter.
“We are happy to be here at Dhobiwan in connection with training about techniques and ways of handling patients with trauma, injuries and accidents and we are sure that now we can be of some good help to those people who need Basic Life Support during the occurrence of any accident or alike situations.”, this was told by a group of trainees.



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