Good sense prevails at last with Kerala govt. on Sabrimala Temple issue

Kashmir Times. Dated: 11/6/2018 11:55:50 PM

Dear Editor,
It is good that left-front Kerala government at last taken practical steps to implement rather non-implement unjustified Supreme Court order on Sabrimala temple, when the state government deployed lady police of age-group above 50 years around the temple. Even a woman in age-group between 10-50 years was requested not to insist on entering the temple when the woman confessed that she was forced by her husband to try to enter the temple.
It is prayed that good sense prevails with judges of Supreme Court also for allowing review-petition on the matter where the issue is not at all of gender-discrimination but is of religious faith which is based on totally Hindu traditions which in turn are completely based on scientific aspects and requirement of traditions. Supreme Court should realize that entry of women in age-group of 10-50 years is banned at Sabrimala Temple because the god worshipped there was a brahmchari and entry of women in marriageable age of 10-50 years must not be allowed. Ritual of prohibiting women during menstruation in kitchens etc was designed due to hygienic and physical weakness of women in these days because of excessive bleeding.
Fortunately disease of pseudo-secularism is fast diminishing from Indian politics. But to prevent judicial system victim of pseudo-secularism, judges at higher courts should consider all practical aspects in sensitive religious issues concerning majority community.
—Subhash Agrawal,
1775 Kucha Lattushah, Delhi.



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