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By Ishfaq Hamid & Pabitra Kumar Jena. Dated: 11/9/2018 6:14:56 PM

Transmitted Knowledge and Intellectual Knowledge are the two principal sorts of information. The primary sort as the name recommends is obtained through transmission by means of various media like a book, a portrayal of a man, gossip or story from an instructor. The veracity of this sort of information relies upon validity of the transmitter and specialist of the source.
The intellectual Knowledge then again is acknowledged inside oneself and isn't subject to outer sources. As a basic model, we say "two in addition to two is four" not on the grounds that our instructor showed us so but rather our insightfulness knows it to be valid. Knowing the distinction between the two kinds is of central signif8cance to all of us.
We are living in a postmodern world, a place ruled by the popular culture and ethos of the west. Science has assumed a key job in the change from the pre-modern world to the present one. Various creations and disclosures have given new course to humankind. Obviously, nothing can thrive in a vacuum and science is no special case. The prevailing idea of the logical venture, flaunting itself as a sole solid wellspring of any credible comprehension of the world and the universe when all is said in done is alluded to as scientism. The thought the logical strategy is the main genuine and 'refined' technique for getting a handle on or knowing all reality. Every single other strategy for knowing-be it religion, transcendentalism or some other intellectual custom are controlled to more legends, gossip and uninteresting accounts.
Despite the fact that man has unquestionably profited tremendously from science, the advanced world is driving us to see the universe through the restricted focal point of scientism. It is requesting that we put stock in overselves alone, it is requesting to supplant god, who is at the focal point of our reality, with our frivolous being. It is advancing the division of the spirit from the universe, something ludicrous to the sages/intellectual of the past who saw the spirit and universe as a feature of a solitary solidarity, with the spirit going about as a window through which we come to comprehend the universe. The cutting edge world tells, "There is no significance to anything' or 'we are here unintentionally". In such a talk, man is occupied with social affair data and actualities trying to control and control the world with a consistently expanding accuracy and power. It is nothing unexpected then that the prophets of innovation like Einstein have a significantly more effect on our age than visionaries and intellectuals Ghazali and Iqbal. We probably won't have the scientific devices to get a handle on Einstein's hypotheses or for the issue the intellectual inclination to value Ghazali's idea yet because of the preparing of the advanced world, the previous appears to have more weight. It is sold to us as 'logical' however as a general rule it is only transmitted learning. We are informed that this hypothesis says 'this' or 'that' and we have faith in transmission. In this context it is important to cite Professor Williiam Chittick who in his famous work, the 'Exploration of spirits and the investigation of universe', clarifies "present day researchers, and intellectual people, have obtained all their insight by impersonation, not acknowledgment. They accept what they call 'certainty' from others, without confirming their reality and after that continue to assemble their own hypotheses and practices based on these acquired certainties, delivering an unending expansion of new actualities that return to no firm establishment".
Today we have individuals who read a couple of stray daily papers, articles, some books, a few bits of shrewdness from Google and so on and guarantee to be intellectual. These individuals are much the same as vendors with the main contrast that as opposed to exchanging merchandize they exchange articles or compose ups. In the shade of such intellectual people two boundaries develop. On one hand we have individuals who have turned out to be sorry about their confidence/convention and are indiscriminately pursuing the sparkles of the cutting edge world. Then again you have the individuals who need to be reliable, however, are as yet utilizing antiquated methodologies and instruments, which are not sufficient to stand up to the intellectual difficulties of our day.
We need genuine intellectuals who can assist us with understanding the complexities of our reality. They ought to have the capacity to give a solid idea which can assist us with maneuvering through the conundrums of this life and give direction to accomplish extreme felicity. An intellectual is somebody who has 'certainity' that relates to 'reality'. "An intellectual is somebody who knows God, the world and the human spirit based on acknowledgment, not impersonation," says Chittick.
Today, the best test to mankind is intellectual in nature. In this globalized world where there is a free stream of thought from the east towards the west. Expending data and spewing forth only it isn't sufficient any longer, rather a lot of it can possibly render us wiped out. We have to wake up, think profound and recover our rich intellectual legacy. We have to do this not exclusively to pick up certainty and to be dedicated to our religion yet additionally give significant understanding and answers for the plenty of issues confronting humankind all in all. There is no opportunity to simply transmit and get, there is an earnest requirement for the certified intellectual to develop and act.
(The authors are at the School of Economics, SMVDU)



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