Higher Education takes steps to bridge gaps between the industry and the academia as L&T signs an MoU with Parul University

Kashmir Times. Dated: 12/18/2018 3:00:16 PM

SRINAGAR, Dec 17: The ever increasing gap between the industrial sectors and the higher educational sector has resulted in limited opportunities for students during or after their academic career. As an act of bridging this gap, the city based Parul University has taken up the role of establishing relations with various industrial organisations. In this regard the University has signed a Memorandum of Agreement with Larsen and Toubro(L&T), an engineering conglomerate working on larger scale projects on EPC route, on both a national scale as well as an international scale.
Such an agreement will be serving the purpose of increasing the level of engagement between the engineering students of Parul University, and the related industry. This will result in the exposure of the students to the various practical elements within the field of engineering. The opportunities arising out of this agreement include offering internships to the students in the areas of engineering, technology and technology management. It also goes on to include the organising of joint seminars, classroom training, site visits and workshops, all of these designed to provide the students with the best engineering prospects.
A statement by the head of the Placement Cell and the Career Development cell of Parul University Mr Santosh Nair, outlined how the objective of the university through this agreement, is not only to provide the students with career opportunities, but also to groom the best engineering workforce for the growth and development of the economy of India. This initiative will serve as an essential mark, that will guarantee a continuous flow of relation, between the industry and the academia, thus giving students a career experience while they are still in the classroom.
The university looks forward to continuously taking initiatives of such nature, in all the other fields of study such as the medical and paramedical fields, arts, business and law, so as to meet the ever growing standards of the industry. There the scope of higher education, has to continuously move towards a constant engagement with the industry, to ensure a balance in both the development of the students as well as the nation of India.



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