Hurrah, a sewage line..!

By Robert Clements. Dated: 1/8/2019 1:29:53 PM

It was a huge advertisement in a national daily: Not of something of national importance, but that the Kejriwal Government were providing and laying a sewer line under some housing colonies in Delhi!
"Hurrah!" I shouted and in my mind's eye I see governments in all the states putting up ads whenever some such work is done!
"Today cows did not stray onto the field of Farmer Lakshman and eat up their wheat!" says an ad in the north and the whole of India claps as they see the ad splashed across the leading dailies.
"Nobody lynched today for transporting buffalo hide!" shouts another and again applause from all the people across the country followed by another round of applause as they read the next day, "Young Man and Woman left alone as they hold hands while getting Married!"
"Lower House functions without walkouts!" says a Delhi paper, and the paper doesn't sell, because nobody believes the newspaper.
"Chief Minister clears files!" says a newspaper of another state, and the electorate throughout the country give the chief minister a standing ovation as he has spent one hour at his desk, instead of campaigning in another state.
"No Roads, stations, or streets renamed today!" screams the same small newspaper in Delhi, and again, not a single copy sells, because as usual no one believes what the paper carries!
"Actor drives home without killing black bucks or people on pavements!" screams another ad by a publicity house which a famous actor has hired, and sure enough people and black bucks sleep well the next night!
"Minister for Education looks at text books!" cheers the hearts of academics and students as till now the minister had been looking at weight of school bags, and signing letters for all his relative's children to get into posh schools without paying fees.
"Like I said, soon this wonderful method of the Kejriwal government of informing the people of India whenever work is done is going to make the cockles of the heart of every Indian go wild with joy.
"Why only a half- page advertisement?" asks a joyous reader from the south seeing the sewage line work in Delhi, they should put a full-page ad, and maybe ads in every page for every garbage bin they install anywhere!"
"Way to go!" cheered a rioter as he came back after throwing stones at women entering some place of worship somewhere in India, "There is no doubt that Ache Din is coming to our country..!"



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