Krunal is wiser than his brother Hardik Pandya, says school trustee

BIPIN DANI. Dated: 1/11/2019 10:58:14 AM

MUMBAI, Jan 10: Krunal Pandya and his younger brother Hardik Pandya studied in the same school (MK High School) in Baroda but Krunal was / is wiser than his younger brother Hardik, according Subhash Pandya (no relation with Hardik Pandya) the trustee of the school.
The trustee had watched the recent episode (Kofee with Karan), where Hardik Pandy and KL Rahul expressed some sexiest remarks.
"Yes, I did watch the same show as I watch all Karan Johar's shows) and immediately watching our school boy passing some vulgar remarks against women and I was terribly shocked", Subhash Pandya, speaking exclusively over telephone from Baroda, said.
"He studied in our school for a year or so...He has not even passed the SSC. He used to skip the school on many days and we were forced to invite his father (Himanshu Pandya). For playing cricket at the Polo ground, he was not coming to class and we had to scold him".
The same was not the case with his brother. Krunal is a decent man and we never had any complaints against him".
"We would not have tolerated Hardik's present hair-style in our school". "Cricket has brought lot of money and if they are not nurtured properly, this is bound to happen", the trustee added.
"Yes, our school has co-education where boys and girls study simultaneously". "Now Hardik Pandy and his family has apologized the incident, I think the chapter should end here. But I can tell you, we are not happy with his behaviour".



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