No plans to join any political party as of now: Faesal

MAJID NABI. Dated: 1/12/2019 3:15:19 PM

SRINAGAR, Jan 11: After his resignation, the 2009 batch IAS topper Dr Shah Faesal today said he has no plans to join any existing political party as of now.
“I will be very happy to contest upcoming elections. In fact, I believe that parliament and legislative space is a very important space and we need very well meaning and right people there,” said Faesal, addressing a press conference days after he formally announced his resignation as IAS officer.
He said that joining any existing political party or floating his own will be decided after due consultations with people especially the youth who he claimed have lost their interest in politics.
Praising NC Vice-President and former Chief Minister Omar Abdullah as being gracious, he said he sought his suggestions and advice vis-à-vis his future plans but has never been approached to join NC.
“Omar Sahab has been very gracious in supporting me all these years he is a leader. He has been guiding and supporting me but honestly speaking they have never approached me, it’s me who has many a times gone to Omar Sahab to seek his suggestions, consultations and advice,” he added.
The ex-bureaucrat said that it would be unfair to presume that he was offered to join NC and he refused. He said being a practiced ex-administrator, he would like to exploit his skills as governance administrator.
“I am the man from the system having experience, my specialization is governance and I am not essentially cut-out to be in politics, so I will be happy to do something in the institutions where I can use my skills as governance administrator,” said Dr Shah Faesal.
The 2009 IAS topper further said that he will be free to serve people as he has nothing further to do after resignation.
“I would like to listen to the field situation, the youngsters and important stakeholders of the valley and the state and then take a decision. I don’t want to immediately launch any party. I have absolutely nothing to do now as I am free and have my entire life to do that,” he said, adding that I am qualified enough to be an MLA or an MP, my manifesto will come once we talk to people.
He said he would like to teach youngsters unless there is some consensus as to which side shall he take.
“Unless there is some consensus which side should I join, I would like to teach youngsters I am going to start it from tomorrow and I hope to meet people and try to understand their feelings. Actually, I have been in civil service and it will be new kind of initiation into politics,” he said
Regarding his resignation from Indian Administrative Service, he said one has to remember that it is a very tactical and strategic move when it comes to the act of resignation. “It’s a kind of weapon which is to be used only once; so I have used it at very right time,” he added.
On being asked a question that Hurriyat too has been in the field for thirty long years, he said that the representative character of Hurriyat is characterized when they would be given an opportunity to fight elections, stating that it would be wrong to presume that Hurriyat has no role to play.
“We should be able to judge the representative character of Hurriyat if you give them an opportunity to fight elections, I think it’s very wrong to presume that Hurriyat has no role to play in our state,” he said.
Referring to Mirwaiz Umar Farooq’s tweet, he said it was not invitation but more like suggestion which is common and that he deeply values it.
Reacting to ex-MLA Langate, Er Rashid’s offer to join AIP, Shah Faesal thanked him for the offer saying he has left everything for the people to decide.
Regarding plebiscite he said, “We have the political discourse so there are certain taboo words like we should not talk about Azadi we should not talk about Right to Self Determination and Plebiscite. I think mainstream politics actually open its eyes to that vocabulary. It are people who could bring some sanity in the discourse.”
He said that the problem Jammu and Kashmir has been witnessing is that the politicians deal with military problems and military people deal with political jobs.
“The problem the state faces is that we have let politicians to deal with military problems and military to deal with the political problems. We need actually to open up space to the politicians and leave other things for those who would need to be doing it,” said he.



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