This winter sloth!

By S Mukhtar. Dated: 1/18/2019 3:56:39 PM

"Yes dear."
"Damn, damn, damn this winter. It has given me sloth, lethargy, O both physical and mental half-inertia. Not I alone…my all friends, school teachers, private tutors…O in fact whosoever lives suffers…oldies and kids the most."
"Dear, damn not winter. Winter delivers spring delivers summer delivers autumn - ah mother, grandmother, great-grandmother of the three! Yes, nothing being without a dark side, sloth winter does get us, and too much, but you have to 'Avoid sloth, the mother of all vices! (Toussaint Louverture)' and 'You must avoid sloth, that wicked siren (Horace).'"
"Good Uncle…possible…but how?"
"Dear, some points I can tell you…listen please. First: your diet. Eat salmon, herring, trout, eggs, pumpkin, horseradish, and mushrooms. Get as much sunlight as possible; if you don't get enough sunlight exposure, do take a diet high in vitamin D or then take a high-quality vitamin D supplement. Don't take too much of sugar - it increases lethargy and affects your mood negatively. And important, make sure that you are sufficiently hydrated. Yes take plenty of fluids: drinking too little water can slow down your metabolism and make you feel tired."
"Uncle, next…"
"Yes; do enough physical activities, good to go to gym for half an hour; such activity improves mental health by reducing anxiety, depression, and negativity. Be going for walks - even a 10-minute walk in cold weather is rewarding; yes oldies and children may do the walking in their living rooms. Exercise gets blood flowing and gives an energy boost. Night coming, try to have plenty of sleep - 7 to 9 hours."
"Uncle, next please…"
"Yes; you should get indoor blue lights."
"What is that?"
"Dear, understand: Blue light exposure elevates mood, improves alertness, and improves mental performance. Sunlight is the primary source of blue lights. So you have got to step outside and expose yourself to the sun or sunlight. If you or your oldies can't, the only other way is replacing your ordinary light bulbs with blue-enriched white light bulbs. These help in fighting winter lethargy. "
"Good Uncle, next please…"
"Dear, last: Listen to your favourite songs. This listening greatly helps in not bowing and surrendering to sloth but in fighting dominating defeating overcoming it. And such effect is wonderful when the songs pertain to winter and its sloth, its soon oncoming death by approaching spring, and are sung in chorus by groups of unruly playing dancing children."
"Great Uncle, I would very much like such songs being sung by
Oldies too. That should be the hardest deserved blow to this freezing chilling killing winter sloth!"



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