Kuka part of script drafted by Mufti: NC

KT NEWS SERVICE. Dated: 1/18/2019 4:08:19 PM

SRINAGAR, Jan 17: National Conference (NC) today rejected “canards of Naeem Akhtar” (PDP leader) and described it as “uncouth and reflective of his political bankruptcy”. The party instead retorted back with the accusation that Kuka Parray worked as per the script drafted by late Mufti Sayeed as home minister of India.
North zone party president and former minister Mohammad Akbar Lone said accusations against NC are coming from a person to which PDP owes its disintegration.
Akhtar had said yesterday that what Kuka Parray used to represent as an individual was adopted as an official policy by the National Conference government after the 1996 elections. He had alleged that soon after coming to power in 1996, National Conference strengthened the concept of Task Force (SOG) and converted the entire democratic system to favour Ikhwan.
Akhtar was reacting to the view of NC vice president Omar Abdullah that Kuka Parray would have been the chief minister in 1996 if NC had not contested the assembly elections.
Akbar Lone while rejecting the "jibes of a self-styled leader” as “travesty of facts", said, “Naeem Akhtar belongs to a gang which has been drawing its sustenance from RSS and other forces which are as hostile to the special position of the state,” he said, adding that as an assistant of Mufti Mohammad Sayeed during his tenure as central minister, Akhtar remained equally involved in destabilising the state.
“He continued to work for Mufti by resorting to writing ghost articles under a pen name Satar Wagay. As a writer he continued to target only National Conference on a daily basis in spite of being a working bureaucrat then. Politicians like Naeem Akhtar typify opportunism and political bankruptcy as it was him and his party which joined hands with RSS just to satiate their lust for power,” he said adding that it was difficult to understand as to which side of political divide he belongs to.
North zone president said, “Naeem Akhtar’s recent assertions on Kuka Parray are unsubstantiated due to the fact that NC workers were the ones who suffered most during the hay days of the renegade era in Kashmir.”
Lone said people are not that gullible, they know that it was late Mufti Sayeed who presided over 18 massacres as home minister, was the brain behind Ikhwan and was instrumental in extending the dreaded AFSPA to the state. Renegades like Kuka Parray owe their being to the policies of Mufti Sayeed that he pursued during his stint as home minister of India, he said.
NC leader alleged that Akhtar has been a point man of BJP-RSS right from early seventies and owing to his services he was given ministerial berths in two consecutive Muftis led governments.
“Otherwise how can a political low weight with no political base get higher ministerial berths,” he said adding “National Conference had to suffer immensely at the hands of Kukka Parray, and that the local party functionaries of Sumbal Sonawari belt had to migrate to escape from the wrath of the renegades."
Lone stated that National conference has a base in people in Sumbal – Sonawari." I have been representing the seat for many consecutive terms. We as a party do not support violence, rather we have always been the victims,” he added.



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