MC Bijbehara has no dustbins, dumps garbage in populated areas

ESS AHMAD. Dated: 1/18/2019 4:10:02 PM

ANANTNAG, Jan 17: The Municipal Committee Bijbehara (MCB) supposed to keep the town clean is only polluting the town by dumping garbage at multiple locations. The garbage dumping by MCB authorities at their will has left the residents fuming.
"The failure of the municipal authorities to install dustbins in the town has turned the entire place into a garbage dump. The MCB is polluting the town instead of keeping it clean," said a resident, Javed Ahmad Shah.
Bijbehara besides being a historical township is the home of two former chief ministers.
According to residents, municipal committee has failed to identify the permanent site for garbage dump or dispose of the garbage scientifically.
"This is an irony that municipal committee is dumping the garbage at three places in the town. You can see mountains of garbage near Jamia Masjid, Padshahi Bagh and on the national highway. All the garbage dumping sites are in the populated habitations; with the result people living around are put to severe inconvenience," Shah said.
Another resident, Mohsin said that heaps of garbage lie scattered for days together and thus badly affect the health of the people.
The heaps of filth all around, residents said, have become a haunt of stray dogs.
"Dozens of stray dogs can be seen sitting or roaming around these garbage mountains. We cannot let our children go out alone due to the fear of being attacked by these stray dogs," locals said.
The residents questioned the functioning of the municipal committee.
"After the recent municipal polls congress and BJP supported each other to form the committee. And since the committee was formed, every day we see the videos of the president of municipal committee on WhatsApp groups wherein she makes tall claims about the cleanliness of the town. But on ground nothing has changed," said another resident Khurshid Ahmad.
President, municipal committee Bijbehara, Shaheena Nadaf, said the non-availability of the hopper (vehicle) is the only reason that they are not installing dustbins.
"We have at least 15 dustbins available in the office but unless we are provided a hopper we cannot install them. It is not possible for my sweepers to lift the huge dustbins. For that we need a hopper which we don't have," she said.
Nadaf said she has written to the director rural bodies and deputy commissioner seeking hopper.
"Once the hopper is provided, we will install dustbins," she said.
On why garbage is being dumped at multiple locations, Nadaf said, "These are just collection points. We just collect garbage there for few hours or a day and then take it away. The only problem is the non-availability of hopper."



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