Lahore peace meet calls for de-escalation, CBMs

KT NEWS SERVICE. Dated: 3/11/2019 11:17:12 AM

JAMMU, Mar 10: The peace activists from across civil society at a peace conference in Lahore, convened by SAFMA, PIPFPD and Progressive Writers Association, called for strategic restraint, observance of ceasefire across LoC/International Borders, an end to war mongering, reigning in outlawed terrorist outfits, an end to atrocities against Kashmiris, nuclear CBMs and resumption of an uninterruptible and comprehensive dialogue between India and Pakistan.
While appreciating the efforts of international community and saner elements of the subcontinent for de-escalation of conflict between the two neighbors, they warned against the provocateurs and war mongers who could push the subcontinent into a dangerous conflict that could spiral into a nuclear catastrophe. They called upon major political forces and the powers that be to not let subcontinent become a hostage to the anarchist whims of terrorists and jingoism of hyper nationalists who flourish on hate and mayhem.
Reiterating their concerns about militarization of the region, nuclear proliferation and arms race, the peace activists emphasized the urgency to put in place nuclear-stabilization regime, divert resources from arms race to the benefit of hundreds of million people suffering from poverty and impoverishment.
Rejecting war as politics by other means to resolve disputes, the peace conference appealed to all who matter to engage in a comprehensive dialogue and resolve all differences through peaceful means.
Welcoming the measures towards normalization, such as talks on Kartarpur corridor, they warned against the elements who indulge in brinkmanship and adventurism. The conference rejected all notions of surgical strikes across borders, mini wars, proxy wars and terrorism to attain any objectives. Rejecting terrorism and proxy wars as an instrument of strategy, the conference called upon Pakistan and India to shun such practices that can destabilize the whole region. The participants welcomed the ongoing negotiations between the Taliban and the US and other initiatives and emphasized that the withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan and an end to war should ensure reconciliation and peaceful democratic transition in Afghanistan on permanent basis. The international and regional forces are required to jointly help reconstruction, reconciliation and consolidation of peace in Afghanistan. Pakistan and Iran should also take measure against cross-border terrorism.
The peace activists called upon the two governments to take Confidence Building Measures, activate diplomatic channels and allow people to people contacts. They extended their facilitations to the peace activists of Pakistan and India who kept the banner of peace flying, despite high fever of war hysteria.
Secretary General of SAFMA Imtiaz Alam presided over the conference. Senator Pervaiz Rashid (PMPN), Farhatullah Babar (PPP), Farooq Tariq (AWP), Mohammed Tehsheen (PIPFPD), Hussain Naqi, senior journalist Dr Alim Khan (PWA), addressed the conference. The resolution was approved by all the participants.



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