Govt should separate people from separatists in J&K: Yechury

Kashmir Times. Dated: 3/13/2019 1:52:36 PM

‘If LS polls can be held, why not assembly polls’

NEW DELHI, Mar 12(Agencies): CPI (M) general secretary Sitaram Yechury on Tuesday said the central government ‘needs to separate the people of Jammu and Kashmir from separatists if it intends to find a solution to the Kashmir issue.’
As he agreed that there is no magic-bullet solution to the Kashmir problem, Sitaram Yechury said, “Two things are required confidence building measures and political process of dialogue with all stakeholders.”
At the Aaj Tak security summit here on Tuesday, the CPI (M) general secretary recounted the roadmap by all-party delegation to J&K post which the parties had stressed on the need to initiate confidence-building measures and initiate dialogue with all stakeholders.
Yechury said three years later, situation has changed on the ground, but the solutions remains the same.
He also raised the issue of assembly elections in Jammu and Kashmir during discussion on Jammu and Kashmir. If Lok Sabha polls can be held in Jammu and Kashmir, why is security a problem for assembly polls in the state? Yechury asked.
On opposition leaders being labelled as anti-nationals, Yechury said those attempting to drive a wedge between Indians were the real anti-nationals. “India remains to stand united. There is no ruling and opposition when it comes to national security,” Yechury said.
Yechury added there should be no politicisation of action by the Indian Air Force. “After Balakot airstrike, we stood united and applauded the Air Force. BJP's Amit Shah started politicisation when he said that their government wasn't like Congress,” the CPI (M) leader said. He went on to ask as to who would be the real beneficiary on “this politicizing.”
During the session, Yechury said national security is the most important issue, but added that it should not be limited to Balakot airstrike. "Food security, employment should be the main issues. Limiting this just to Balakot during elections is the biggest disservice," he said.
Earlier on Sunday Yechury on his Twitter handle questioned how can be the security situation in Jammu and Kashmir “good enough” to hold general elections and not assembly polls.
“It is perplexing how the security situation in J&K is good enough to conduct elections but not for assembly elections which are also due. Is there a diabolical motive?” Yechury tweeted.
He also said that the secular, democratic India was confident that the EC will conduct "free, fair and safe elections" in the country.
"With announcement of General Elections, the Model code of conduct comes into force. It will end the unfair use of govt resources by Modi govt. Secular, democratic India is confident that EC will conduct free, fair & safe elections to ensure a smooth transition to the next govt," he wrote on Twitter.
Raising concerns over election funding, Yechury said it is important that this is closely monitored and the integrity of our electoral process is maintained.
"In Bengal, large-scale violence & intimidation in past few elections has been disturbing. EC must pay special attention to ensure that the destruction of democracy, as happened in local elections, is not repeated. Sanctity of each voter's franchise is what preserves our Republic," he tweeted.



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