People want a credible voice to represent them: Farooq

KT NEWS SERVICE. Dated: 3/13/2019 1:56:49 PM

Launches political offensive against PDP

SRINAGAR, Mar 12: Going into election mode, National Conference (NC) president Dr Farooq Abdullah today launched a political offensive against PDP blaming it for "unleashing countless miseries on the state and its people."
Farooq is party's candidate for Srinagar Lok Sabha constituency.
He said that NC is geared up for general elections saying people should elect those who will ensure that their voice is heard in the parliament of India.
He was addressing a delegation of party functionaries and workers from Khan Sahab, Khrew and other areas here.
“Now that the trumpet of the Lok Sabha elections has been blown, National Conference is all geared up for the elections. People of the state want a credible voice to represent their aspirations in the top most house of the country. Our party is the only credible voice of all the regions of J&K. It is the National Conference that is credited with establishing a welfare state here,” Farooq said.
He added that the people of Kashmir remember PDP for unleashing countless miseries on the state and its people. People still recount the numerous instances of PDP and its leaders it committed from time to time.
Party president said PDP not with-standing its pretentious anti-BJP campaign joined hands with the same BJP after 2014 elections and what followed was an unambiguous instance of political opportunism. “The treacherous role played by the PDP and its leadership is an open secret. Mufti Sayeed as a loyalist of Late G M Sadiq played a pivotal role in destroying the status of our state. What was left of our special status, Mufti took it upon himself in his stint as chief minister in 2002 and 2014," Farooq said.
The former chief minister alleged that in 2002, in a major assault on the Muslims of state, Mufti played with the working autonomy of Muslim Waqf board. “In 2014 late Mufti allied with a party which is openly threatening the minorities in India. Now the responsibility rests on people to choose between forces inimical to state’s special status and those who have lent immense sacrifices for the protection of the unique identity of our state," he said.
Mocking PDP’s slogan of ‘Goli Se Nahin, Baat Baney gi Boli Se’, Farooq said by facilitating the entry of BJP into the state, the PDP set free the forces as are inimical to state’s institutions to fiddle with our working autonomy." Never has Kashmir witnessed such violence as was unleashed during the reign of BJP and PDP. The BJP-PDP’s rule witnessed erosion of state’s institutions. Besides that what was left of our identity in the form of financial autonomy was also surrendered by the PDP by implementing GST in our state,” NC president said.
He stated that now it is up to people to discern between the ones who stand for their rights and who trampled them. However, people have made it a point to show such forces as are inimical to state their right place. In the end it is the people whose resolve will prevail, he said.



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