Jump like A Squirrel..!

By Robert Clements. Dated: 3/13/2019 11:40:58 PM

Sometimes, nay I would say quite often we writers look at ourselves and wonder whether it's all worth it! Worth giving up money and comforts to slog away at a passion that brings neither. I look at friends who have risen to great heights and who think nothing of picking up the tab every time they call me out for dinner and I feel a despondency coming over me.
I went this morning into a quiet park and as I sat I wondered about it.
At that moment I looked up and saw a squirrel jump from one high tree to another. He appeared to be aiming for a limb so far out of reach that the leap looked like suicide. He missed--but landed, safe and unconcerned, on a branch several feet lower. Then he climbed to his goal, and all was well.
I watched fascinated.
An old man sitting on the bench said, "Funny, I've seen hundreds of them jump like that, especially when there are dogs around and they can't come down to the ground. A lot of them miss, but I've never seen any hurt in trying." Then he chuckled. "I guess they've got to risk it if they don't want to spend their lives in one tree."
I thought, A squirrel takes a chance--have I less nerve than a squirrel?
I walk back home.
I pick up my pen and write and as I start a smile comes across my face, I think of the goal I've kept for myself, it's a goal most people would laugh at; my column reaching across the globe, not just my country, but all across the world.
"How can you dream such silly dreams?" I'd been asked and today before seeing the squirrel I'd asked the same question, but after seeing the little fellow jump, I know it's worth the risk.
I hear the old man on the park bench saying, "They've got to risk it if they don't want to spend their lives in one tree!"
I needed to see the little fellow today, needed to feel inspired by him, but I do believe it's not writers alone who face what I face, it's most everybody who follow a dream.
I don't know what your dream is dear friend.
It could be giving up a lucrative job to be a businessman, when all the world tells you not to quit!
It could be giving up money and position to work with the under privileged or amongst the sick and suffering.
Whatever it is you need to take a risk to follow your dream.
There he is among the trees, he runs down the branch at his incredible speed, his bushy tail waving in the wind and then without thinking a moment he jumps, for a minute he's a bird sailing in the air, and then he lands safely on the next tree.
He looks at me, and do I see a toothy smile? "Come on Bob, you can do it too..!"



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