Plastics should be banned

Kashmir Times. Dated: 4/9/2019 11:58:14 PM

Dear Editor,
Many people eat chips and kurkures and throw the plastic packets in the road. These packets then go and choke the drains. As a result the waste water from the drain comes in the road. Many peoples take polythene bags and use them carelessly. They tie the vegetable peels and other things in the polythene bags and throw it in the roads or beside the roads. As a result, animals like cows are coming and trying to eat those vegetable peels, they aren't able to open the bags and thus, eat the vegetable peels along with plastics which leads to death of animals.
Many peoples are trying to burn and eliminate these plastics. But, by burning those plastics many toxic gases are released, even the plastics donot get completely burnt. Some peoples are trying to burry them in the soil. But by doing this, the rain water won't be able to seep or penetrate into the soil and thus, water will remain stagnent in lands.
—Amaira Rajput



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