People fed up with BJP’s hollow sloganeering & fake promises: Bhalla

KT NEWS SERVICE. Dated: 4/10/2019 12:14:33 AM

JAMMU, Apr 9: Continuing his vigorous campaign ,former Minister and Congress candidate from Jammu-Poonch Parliamentary candidate Raman Bhalla today emphasized the people to ensure victory of Congress Candidate in the ensuing Lok Sabha elections with a thumping majority as that will be the defeat to communal and fascist Forces, which are hell bent upon to divide people for the sake of coming into power.
While addressing series of meetings during the road show, He said Congress party is fully capable to defeat the communal and fascist forces which are hell bent upon to the divide the people on religious and regional lines to serve their vested interests, but at the same time, he said people of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh have realized the politics gimmicks of various groups and parties which were trying to make inorads in the valley to create confusion among the voters, but at the same he felt confident that people will defeat their nefarious designs.
He emphasized the people to remain vigilant against the political exploitation by BJP and ensure victory of Congress Party in the ensuring Lok Sabha Elections.
Accusing BJP of striving on the politics of deceit and hypocrisy, Bhalla lambasted party leadership for changing colours like a chameleon and not sticking to its stand persistently.
Exhorting upon people to support Congress in its sincere endeavour towards ensuring all round development, he made a point that except rhetoric and false promises BJP did nothing for providing succour to the people reeling under hardships in the form of joblessness, poverty, poor healthcare facilities, insufficient resources, defunct education sector and sky-rocketing inflation.
Mocking at the propaganda on development being spread by the BJP, he said that reality is far from what is being projected.“Contrary to claims, the BJP rule across the nation and in J&K has proved to be a disaster and quite unfortunate for the people of Jammu and Kashmir. The sorry state of affairs for the party is that its candidates have nothing to project as their achievement and therefore they have to take the course of decrying Congress to divert the attention of electorate from real issues which is not going to happen this time”, maintained Bhalla adding that such cheap tactics shall not work this time as people are well aware of the deceitful standing of BJP.
Holding BJP and PDP government responsible for all miseries in Jammu and Kashmir, Bhalla accused previous state government responsible of weakening democratic institutions in the state of Jammu and Kashmir due to which the people have lost interest in such institutions. Bhalla accused both BJP-PDP of demolishing peace of the state by exploiting the regional, religious and political sentiments of the people .
However, both these parties took complete U-turn after taking over the power due to which the people of the state have completely lost their faith in democratic exercise and institutions. Congress has been pioneer in implementing revolutionary programmes aimed at improving the conditions of the people, especially those living in remote and backward areas, he added.
Bhalla described previous PDP-BJP dispensation as anti-poor and anti development, saying due to administrative inertia and lack of political direction the sufferings of the people increased manifold. The insensitive coalition government pushed people to the wall, as unemployment has increased, prices have risen and developmental activities have suffered a huge dent", he added.



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