Cross LoC bus service resumes after 1 week

Anubhav Misri. Dated: 4/16/2019 1:24:11 PM

19 cross through Chakkan Da Bagh in Poonch

POONCH, Apr 15: After having remained suspended for one week due to hostile relations between armies of both sides, cross LoC bus service resumed on Monday with a total of 19 persons crossed border through Chakkan Da Bagh to meet their relatives.
Official reports said, with no Indian fresher a total of 13 persons crossed from this side to Pakistan Administered Kashmir (PAK). “13 Pak nationals returned to PAK after meeting their relatives living here in different areas of J&K while from PAK side, a total of six persons came here and they included one Pak fresher who has come here to meet his relatives living in different parts of J&K. Five Indians returned from PAK,” officials said.
The border opened at 12.45 PM and closed at 12.53 PM.
Shabeda Begum, a resident of Jehlum PAK said, “I enjoyed the tour but the border skirmishes soured my tour in its last leg. There should be peace on borders and good relation between both armies.” She requested Prime Ministers of both countries to hold dialogue to resolve all problems. She said with dialogue all issues could be settled. “The situation between both sides would be neutralized after talks started between both sides,” she said.



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