Azad seeks apology from Modi for misleading nation

KT NEWS SERVICE. Dated: 4/16/2019 1:25:05 PM

‘Withdrawal of forces, AFSPA from Kashmir’

KISHTWAR, Apr 15: The Leader of opposition in Rajya Sabha and general secretary AICC Ghulam Nabi Azad Monday sought an apology from the Prime Minister Narendra Modi for trying to mislead the nation about the Congress stand against terrorism and issues of national security by stating that Congress ‘wants to withdraw the forces from Kashmir and compromise the national security.”
“On the contrary, the Congress is committed to effectively deal with terrorism and plugging the infiltration from across the border,” Azad said.
Blaming the Prime Minister for the blatant lie when he said yesterday that Congress ‘wants to withdraw forces from Kashmir and would compromise the national security’, Azad said it was totally misleading the nation. “The Congress is committed for uncompromising approach to deal with terrorism and further strengthen the security along borders to plug the infiltration, whereas the Modi government failed to contain infiltration, cross border terrorism and control terrorism in Kashmir,” he said.
Azad said that Modi government had no right to talk about national security in view of the poor record of his government on this front, as record number of major terrorist attacks over vital army and security forces installations took place during his regime and terrorism and infiltration was at its peak during his tenure. He referred to the series of terrorist attacks on the forces in the state & elsewhere and the record number of infiltrations and martyrdom of jawans during the Modi regime and said that its spoke of the failure of his government on the issue of national security and its claims to the contrary were falsified.
Azad said that Modi government utterly failed to plug infiltration and contain militancy in Kashmir which was evident from the prevailing security situation in the state and along the borders. The Congress would further strengthen the security along the borders and effectively contain militancy besides taking various peace initiatives to restore normalcy in the state, if voted to power, he assured.
Addressing a series of meetings in including Bimal Nag, Batoli, Bhaderwah in Kishtwar and Doda districts today, Azad said that Modi government and BJP had nothing to sell to the electorates about its past promises and on various problems confronting the nation, it was harping on the issue of national security by misleading the nation about the Congress stand and creating sense of insecurity and war hysteria.
He said that Modi government made tall claims of ensuring the safety and security of the women in the country, bringing back black money and depositing Rs fifteen lakh in the account of citizens, giving two crore jobs to the youth, checking price rise and promising ‘achhe din’ (good days) to the countrymen.
On the contrary the crimes against women increased, the tax payers money from the banks were looted by few rich people close to power and taken abroad or waived off, whereas the poor farmers continued to suffer and commit suicides, the jobs opportunities were diminished by demonetization and wrong economic policies and the poor got over burden by unprecedented hike, Azad said. On every front Modi government proved to be total failure and it only raked up issues of national security, religious and regional matters for vote bank politics, Azad said.
He said that Prime Minister repeated the old commitments to various suffering sections in the state including return and rehabilitation of Kashmiri migrants but questioned him about the delivery of his government towards them as per past commitments. He said that it was UPA government led by Dr. Manmohan Singh which took several initiatives and executed relief and rehabilitation packages for the Kashmiri migrants which were visible, but the Modi government failed to further carry forward those initiatives and measures.
Azad said that Congress always drafted and executed various welfare policies for the poor and common people in order to give a relief and uplift the poor and downtrodden sections of the society. Its economic approach and thrust had always been pro-poor and striking a balance in the society whereas, the Modi government adopted anti poor and pro affluent policies. He said that the promise of Rs. 72,000 annually to the poor of this country was a revolutionary step and would be of immense help to eradicate poverty in the country. He appealed to the people to vote for Congress nominee Vikramaditya Singh and ensure the victory of the Congress party for the larger interests of nation.



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