Walking her down the Aisle

By Robert Clements. Dated: 5/14/2019 12:06:11 PM

Exactly two weeks ago I walked my younger one down the aisle to hand her over to the new man in her life.
For me it was months of conflicting thoughts:
My arms started beginning to feel empty! She'd nestled there through most of her childhood life, telling me about gigantic problems little girls went through in school or around their homes and after I'd heard her out, talked to her, comforted her, and allowed her to lay her head awhile in these same arms she went back to play while I stood at the window watching, and now trying to solve her worries which had become mine.
And then two weeks ago I had to walk her into a new life: One, where I wouldn't be around to hold her as she started her first baby steps into marriage. She'd have to walk forward, hopefully guided by all that her mother and I had taught her, and finding new confidence as she shaped anew her own family together.
And so, I went through a variety of emotions.
But a few days before the wedding, a new and wondrous thought flashed through my mind; that the One above who had always been there for me, would also be there for her. What was the need for worry? "Lord," I prayed, "Lord!" I whispered, "You're telling me something?"
The calm that followed was dramatic.
It was like a gentle wave flowing over me, removing with its ebb all fears and conflicting emotions.
Just like she had lain in my own arms I felt strong Divine arms would hold her.
"Bob, I'll care for her, like you've cared for her and more. Like you've been a father to her Bob, I will continue being one for her! You will walk her down the aisle Bob, but even as you step aside, I won't. I will walk on with her and him. I will be there besides them every step of their lives!"
"How silly of me to worry Lord!"
And then I felt the lifting of all my fears and a sense a peace, a stillness which a God above had enveloped me with, and which I know would be there for my child too, as she too, going through her own varying thoughts and emotions, would get to know, that even as her earthly father stopped at the end of the aisle, her Heavenly Father would walk on with her, into her new life..!



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