Instant hanging of culprits for killing businessman in Moti Nagar (Delhi) required

Kashmir Times. Dated: 5/16/2019 12:38:00 PM

Dear Editor,
It refers to shocking incident of killing of a 51-year old businessman on night of 11.05.2019 critically injuring his young son by miscreants when the victim approached the killer-family to oppose ugly remarks passed on his daughter by the miscreants. It is unfortunate that while politicians not only from UP but also from neighbouring Delhi hit news-lines by visiting Dadri on lynching of a person in the year 2015, political rulers avoided visiting house of victim either for expressing grief or for announcing compensation. Normally announced compensation of rupees one crore should be given to middle-income family of the victim apart from all other hep required and sought by the family. On the contrary, properties and other assets of the killer-family should be acquired by the government to sell for giving proceeds to family of the victim.
Such lawlessness can only be prevented by immediate hanging of culprits where the case is crystal-clear like happened in Moti Nagar (New Delhi) rather than diluting the gravity through an extra-long multi-layer never-ending court-process. If death-sentence is made a rule rather than exception to be executed in a time-bound period of say six months by all courts through special trial-courts and adjournment-free day-to-day hearing in higher courts, then only fear-psychology can be developed to make culprits and miscreants fearful against committing crimes attracting death-sentence.
—Madhu Agrawal,
1775 Kucha Lattushah
Dariba, Chandni Chowk Delhi.



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