Crude, Crass and Cash..!

By Robert Clements. Dated: 5/16/2019 12:38:14 PM

I’m reminded of an incident when I was president of my rotary two years ago. I’d invited a Rotarian from another club, who I’d trained in public speaking many years back, and who I’d heard had come into tons of money through the selling of his property.
People told me he was stinking rich, and after I had given my presidential address, he raised his hand and said he’d like to say a few words. He went up and said he’d like to donate a hundred thousand rupees for my projects and that this was only the beginning.
We told him we were grateful.
And then he hit the drinks, and very soon, his language had worsened, and soon he was cursing and berating others from other clubs using the foulest and filthiest words possible, all in front of the ladies.
“Take him out of here!” I said disgusted with his behaviour.
“But Bob, he is useful, he can fund more and more of our projects!” said the others, but I told him to leave, “And I don’t want your money!” I told him as he was taken away.
I relate this incident because I find many like him everywhere. People, who think that because they can throw money, they can be as crass and crude as they want.
Let me tell you dear friends, that money should be used to take away any crassness and any splattering of crudeness we possess. That one should use one’s money to lift oneself from the basics of survival, of only spending for roti, kapada and makhan to appreciating and being made aware of finer things like a good painting, like listening to classical music or increasing one’s reading time.
In the city I live in, I pass a monstrosity of a building built recently by a very rich man. It stands out like a sore thumb in the middle of a genteel neighbourhood, and I can imagine him telling his architect, “Because I have the money, people will look at it and respect whatever I put up!”
No we don’t, we laugh at it, and realise that with all the money, art and finesse never reached him.
And just like money, power that comes to you with position should be used to become more statesman like, and polished.
Learn to be kind and gracious as you rise, not a crude, crass character, showing that you have not been able to rise above your humble beginnings!
Some of our politicians are examples of this!
Make money, gain power, but use the same to show classiness not your crassness..!



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