Indian criminal lawyer becomes first woman to officiate as an Anti-Corruption manager in the World Cup

BIPIN DANI. Dated: 5/25/2019 2:23:15 PM

MUMBAI, May 24: India's Anandini Fernandes will become the first woman to officiate in the World Cup as an Anti-Corruption manager.
She will be the only female member to be associated with the World Cup team as an Anti-Corruption official.
The ICC had recently appointed India's another female member (GS Lakshmi) in the panel of Match Referees. (She is not going to England for the World Cup matches).
"#GirlPower at the World Cup, one is my baby girl on assignment as ICC Anti Corruption Manager, on a time-out from her regular Criminal Lawyer beat. If you’re a cricket junkie & see her on screen know she’s my heartbeat ", a message revealing the news was seen on a Twitter account. .
Subsequent inquiries have revealed that Anandini Fernandes will be attached with the Bangladesh cricket team and she will monitor the activities of all the Bangladeshi players' at all the match venues, during matches and practice sessions and the people who try to meet the players at the hotels during the duration of World Cup.
According to the sources, the ICC has hired few officials in addition to the present 5-6 Anti-Corruption Managers and each of them will look after each participating team in the World Cup.
These experienced investigators from India, South Africa, New Zealand, Pakistan, and England are present at international matches to provide education and awareness to players, match officials, collect information / intelligence and ensure that the PMOA (Players' & Match Officials' Areas) minimum standards are enforced at all venues.
At each International Match, all National Cricket Federations, Players, Player Support
Personnel, Match Officials and any other visitors to the PMOA agree and acknowledge
that the ICC Anti-Corruption Manager (or such other member of the ICC’s ACU) shall
have absolute authority to inquire about their conduct.



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