BJP in a do or die mode in Bengal

By Arun Srivastava. Dated: 6/15/2019 11:55:15 AM

Unseating Mamata is now primary task

No doubt Mamata Banerjee hit out at Governor suggestion on President's rule saying that it is a plot to turn Bengal into Gujarat. She said, "I respect the post but not what he's saying about the post-poll casualties in Bengal. Every post has its constitutional limit. Bengal is being defamed".

Political scenario and the place remain the same. IN late sixties the governor Dharamvir had imposed president rule in West Bengal on the plea of deteriorating law and order. This time same scenario is being enacted this time too. The governor Kesari Nath Tripathi has apprised the prime minister of the deterioration of law and order in the state. Though earlier he described his meeting with Modi as routine exercise, he later confessed to a TV news channel that there may be need for President's rule in West Bengal if the situation deteriorates.
Tripathi has been a fairly senior BJP leader and any such statement coming out from him carries much weight. An insight into violent incidents that took place in Bengal clearly implies that the plot has been hatched only time for its final execution is desperately awaited.
The day the violence spills over the streets of Calcutta would be the D-day. One thing is quite clear and it is neither Narendra Modi nor his close aide, Chanakya Amit Shah is bothered of the public reaction. They know that public outcry has no relevance in the hardcore political action. Only fools turn emotional and lament on the decline of the democratic institution.
The strategy to intensify protest against Mamata Banerjee is a discreet move to de-stabilise Mamata government by creating wide-range violence and impose the president rule. The BJP nevertheless does not intend to send the message at this stage that it was out to pull down her government. After Tripathi met Modi the BJP quickly came out the statement that it was not demanding President's rule there but asserted that it will "defy" the Mamata government's bar on its political programmes, including victory processions.
Only a politically naive would subscribe to the BJP version. The BJP leadership must realise the fallout of its actions. Already the social tension has gripped the people living in the state. Their action will further deteriorate the condition. It is really deplorable that the BJP was adopting the old obsolete mechanism of dividing the society on communal and community line.
No doubt Mamata Banerjee hit out at Governor suggestion on President's rule saying that it is a plot to turn Bengal into Gujarat. She said, "I respect the post but not what he's saying about the post-poll casualties in Bengal. Every post has its constitutional limit. Bengal is being defamed".
Though BJP leaders claim that their cadres were being murdered the fact remains that TMC too has been losing its cadres to the violence. It obviously implies that BJP has been indulging in nasty game of gruesome killings. While the BJP leadership on Sunday claimed that five of its supporters were killed in the clash, the TMC said that six of its workers had gone missing.
There is no denying the fact that BJP was resorting to dubious action. By any standard the action of Central government to issue advisory cannot be held right. It was projecting Bengal as the rogue state which would even damage its economic activities and jeopardise the trade and business.
The charge of the TMC leaders could not be written off; "In Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat, children and Yadavs were getting killed, where were the B JP leaders? BJP is creating disturbance and is killing our workers. BJP is using the Home Ministry for political conspiracy. BJP itself had tried to create violence. Two days ago, in Gangarampur, the BJP cadres had hit police officials. BJP leaders sitting in Delhi do not understand the situation of the state".
One thing is absolutely clear that by resorting to the tactics of high handedness the BJP was ruining the social harmony that prevailed in the state. The party may throw out Mamata, but will have to ponder, at what cost.
Nevertheless unhappy with the Central advisory, Mamata stepped up attack on the Centre, saying the violence was a "planted game" and rubbished speculation in the media about early polls in the state.
Ironically though the new Nodi government has been installed, the BJP chief and the rank and file have not stopped their tirade against Muslims of the state. Shah alleged that around Rs 4,000 crore was allocated for Madrasa education while the budget of entire higher education department is much lower than that. A week back Monirul Islam, the MLA from south Bengal's Birbhum district had joined the BJP. But the ststae leaders created such a situation that he had to resign.
The accusation against him was that he crushed BJP cadres while he was with TMC. This may be a valid and correct accusation, but this should have been probed and taken care of before his joining BJP. IN his non acceptance in BJP simply underlines that the party is not ready to lose its image of diehard Hindu outfit. Earlier the BJP earlier projected the decision of the TMC's Muslim MLA to join the party as a vindication of Narendra Modi's slogan of Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas, Sabka Vishwash.
Pulling down of Mmata government has the top most issue on the agenda of Amit Shah. His ire against Mamata is more of personal nature than political. Shah averse to the idea of accepting any one else's supremacy and dictates has to tolerate the jibes of Mamata during last five years. At one stage the Chanakya of BJP had vowed to finish the TMC. In recent times he is on the move to accomplish his mission; what he loves to describe as the Mission Bengal. It is worth mentioning that BJP has invested thousands of crores in the elections purely with the aim to win over the gullible leaders and voters. If the sources are to be believed BJP chief spent nearly Rs4000 of money in Bengal to win the election.
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