Rashid, Faesal's parties form electoral alliance

MAJID NABI. Dated: 6/19/2019 1:27:32 PM

SRINAGAR, June 18: With a claim to provide ''credible and corruption free'' political representation to the people of Jammu and Kashmir, bureaucrat turned politician, Dr Shah Faesal and former legislator, Er Abdul Rashid today joined hands to contest forthcoming Assembly elections jointly.
The announcement in this regard was made during the launch of Peoples United Front (PUF) a fusion of Er Rashid’s Awami Itihad Party (AIP) and Shah Faesal’s Jammu and Kashmir Peoples Movement (JKPM) at Kashmir Press Club.
PUF, according to the representatives of the two parties, will be headed by former Minister and JKPM leader Javaid Mustafa Mir as its Chairman.
The initiative was taken in view of the prevailing political circumstances of Jammu and Kashmir and apprehensions vis-à-vis assaults on the special status of the state.
“In view of the prevailing political circumstances in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, AIP and JKPM have decided to enter into a pre-poll alliance under the banner of Peoples United Front,” said PUF Chairman, Javaid Mustafa Mir while reading out the statement during joint presser of AIP and JKPM.
He said the alliance has been necessitated by the ongoing political uncertainty in the state and apprehensions with regards to assaults on the special status and the lack of any credible political alternative in the state that could address both political vacuum and lack of good governance.
‘PUF will make all efforts to unite all people of the state irrespective of religion, region, caste and creed and will seek equal opportunities, social, economical and political justice for the citizens of Jammu and Kashmir,” Mir added.
He said the alliance shall follow the duly agreed upon Common Agenda of Alliance (CAA) which will function under a joint coordination committee comprising three members from JKPM and AIP each and shall be headed by Javaid Mustafa Mir.
JKPM Chairman, Dr Shah Faesal while addressing media said the main issue in the agenda of alliance is Kashmir and the issues people face on developmental and governance fronts.
He said nepotism and corruption that people of the state often meet head-on at government offices will be honestly addressed.
On the alleged assault on states special status and apprehensions of delimitation, he said such challenges are answered in political and democratic manner.
“A common agenda of alliance has been prepared in this regard with political issues; political rights of people and good governance on priority. Article 35-A and delimitation are political assaults. If political process is subverted, issues are countered politically so our answer will be in democratic manner,” he added.
He said the people who have joined hands under Peoples United Front have sacrificed something in their life and who knows what sacrifices and struggle actually means.
“The aim of forming this alliance is to save what we have at present and to recuperate what has been snatched away from us. It is our fundamental right to strive for getting back our rights. People who have gathered under PUF have sacrificed something in their life and they know what sacrifice and struggle means,” he said.
In the meantime, AIP Chief said the main objective of PUF will be to pursue and facilitate the peaceful resolution of Kashmir issue in its historical context and as per the will, aspirations, sentiments and sacrifices of the people and to support all confidence building measures between India and Pakistan that can give relief to the people of both sides of Line of Control.
“Forming PUF was the need of the hour to fulfill the desperate need of having broad based agenda of like-minded people who can take the state out of trouble and speak for their rights and also provide them good governance,” said Rashid with an assurance that the leadership will actively work to fulfill aspiration and sentiments of the people Jammu and Kashmir.
He also said that PUF will on its own form next government in Jammu and Kashmir.



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