Traditional tree saplings planted at Apni Mandi Tapyal

KT NEWS SERVICE. Dated: 7/9/2019 12:32:45 PM

SAMBA, July 8: Plantation of twenty five plants of old traditional species of trees was planted today, at Apni Mandi Tapyal Samba by the Forest Division Samba.
Ritu Mahajan SDM Gaghwal appreciated efforts done by the AGMO Office Samba in their unrelenting efforts for developing Apni Mandi Tapyal Samba as a model for empowerment of farmers. She asked children to ensure proper greenery around them for a better environment and better air quality.
DFO Samba asked the children to contribute their best to preserve our environment and plant a tree every year on their birthday and ensure its survival throughout their life. Our environment is degrading day by day with emission of green gases and consistent rise in temperature during summers. The ground water level is also decreasing drastically; The main cause being cutting of trees, on large scale, while creating and developing infrastructural facilities including national highways widening, construction of fly overs and laying of road network in remote & hilly terrains. The Forest Division Samba has launched a vigorous plantation/ afforestation drive in Samba since last couple of years which is going to show its results in coming months.



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