If high traffic-fines can curb traffic-violations, then super-fast hangings can substantially reduce crimes attracting death-penalty

Kashmir Times. Dated: 9/7/2019 12:44:24 AM

Dear Editor,
Union Minister for Road Transport has stated that recently exorbitantly hiked traffic-fines are not aimed to increase revenue-earnings, but to effectively curb traffic-violations.
Same principle of ensuring super-fast hanging say maximum within maximum three years (though ideal will be one year) of committing crime crossing all stages of courts from Trial Court to Supreme Court and then final execution after decision on mercy-petition should be adopted. Such time-bound hanging will definitely develop much-required fear-psychology against committing crimes attracting death-sentence even though special courts may be set up for trial of accused of such cases in a time-bound period. Murders on petty quarrels have become quite common only because there is no fear of death-penalty amongst people.
Similar deterrent time-bound trials in economic crimes involving ultra-rich persons including most-privileged can tend to curb economic crimes. Dates after dates and granting easy bails by courts rather encourage influential people to commit such crimes for minting money. Trials in economic offences should also be in special courts set up for to be completed in time-bound period with High Courts and Supreme Court also ensuring fast disposal of appeals filed in such cases. System will develop much-needed fear-psychology amongst ultra-rich persons deliberately involved in such crimes to add much-more to their existing mountains of money harming national economy. Cost involved on extra courts for economic offenses will be more than compensated by tremendous revenue-increase by curbing effectively economic offences through much-needed fear-psychology developed because of ensured speedy court-trials.
—Madhu Agrawal,
1775 Kucha Lattushah Delhi.



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