Elections, A Slingshot and A Prayer..!

By Robert Clements. Dated: 10/19/2019 12:32:50 AM

And as the elections for Maharashtra draw near, what I see is an air of despondency among some of the political parties, as they look at a party which has capitalized on winning over the minds of the people using questionable methods. Looking at their dejection, I am reminded of two incidents, both taking place a few thousand years of each other:
The first one is when a shepherd boy named David walks over to the army camp many thousands of years ago to meet his brothers serving in the Israelite army, and there he hears a huge noise and sees a giant over ten feet tall standing on the enemy side!
"Who is that man?" he asks his brothers.
"Ssshhh!" his brothers whisper, "That's Goliath, he's a giant, and no one from our side is able to fight him, just look at that huge sword he carries!"
David looks at the giant, stares at his own countrymen filled with fear and says, "I will fight Goliath!"
"With what?" laugh his brothers, "You can hardly carry a sword!"
"With my slingshot!" says David, "With a pebble and with God on my side I will kill him!"
And David does, he kills Goliath with a simple catapult, the stone flies through the air, hits the giant and fells him.
And the second incident many thousands of years later was when a group of people to malign me many years ago sent a lawyer's notice! It was sent through a very powerful barrister who I believe made mince-meat of other lawyers in court.
I took the notice and climbed up an old building in the city where my friend told me was a good advocate. "Will you fight my case?" I asked him. He looked at the notice and gave it back to me, "This lawyer is too powerful in the cooperative court," he said, "Why don't you just walk down to his office and beg him not to do anything! His office is just down this same road!"
I remember walking down those old wooden stairs, very dejected. I looked down the road where I knew the office of the 'ten feet tall' lawyer was and I shuddered. And then suddenly I remembered the story of David the shepherd boy and on that same staircase I prayed, "Lord," I whispered, "Give me a simple slingshot, with a pebble, made of words that will help me reply to this notice!"
I felt a sense of peace. I reached home, picked up my pen and worded out a reply. It was just four lines. I sent my reply to the famous lawyer, not with sentences penned by another lawyer, but my own, and that was the end of the case!
How often we look at a problem, huge and gigantic, forgetting, we are equipped to deal with it using the simplest method of a Slingshot and a Prayer..!



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