Conversion of prepaid mobile phones into postpaid stopped

KT NEWS SERVICE. Dated: 10/19/2019 2:28:18 PM

SRINAGAR, Oct 18: After banning SMS service again, the mobile phone service providers have been directed not to convert the pre-paid phones into post paid connections now.
The governor administration restored the post paid mobile phone service some days back which was snapped on August 5. However, pre-paid mobile phones were not restored.
This has led to large number of customers converting their pre-paid phones into post paid phones through respective service providers. This process was going on till yesterday. But today the service providers refused to do so citing an advisory barring converting of pre-paid phones into post paid connections.
Lakhs of of pre-paid phone customers do not have any connectivity in absence of the service.
The landline and mobile phone and internet services were suspended by the government on August 5 when the articles 370 and 35A were scrapped and J&K state converted into two Union Territories. The land line phones were restored some weeks back, while post paid phones some days back. However, SMS service was again banned a day after resumption of postpaid mobile phone service.
The pre-paid mobile phone and internet services continue to remain suspended. There is tremendous demand from all sections of people to restore internet service. The work of media persons particularly the local dailies is getting affected in absence of internet facilities in their respect offices. They have to visit the media centre set up by administration for using internet amid huge rush there.



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