Sky high rising prices of essentials choking common masses

Kashmir Times. Dated: 11/13/2019 12:19:36 PM

Dear Editor,
The rise in prices of essentialities of life is perpetually common phenomenon because of anti-people and anti-working class policies of the successive central & state governments of exploiting ruling classes of all hues and colours of the country. This has been adversely impacting the common people to make their both ends meets. For some time, the prices are shooting sky high especially the food items vegetables, pulses, spices, dry fruits, onion and potatoes etc which has been causing yet more acute financial problems for the poor people, common masses and working classes. The authorities at the helms of affairs are paying little attention towards the unprecedented rise in prices because of which the people are feeling genuinally that they have been put in a very tight spot. There is, therefore, dire need to pay priority attention by the concerned authorities to check this trend in order to relieve the poor people from the pangs of price rise to make their living a bit comfortable as soon as possible.
--Krishan Singh
Talab Tiloo



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