Snowfall affects business at Sunday Market

KT NEWS SERVICE. Dated: 1/13/2020 2:03:55 PM

SRINAGAR, Jan 12: The Sunday Market, which used to attract large number of customers every Sunday, could not witness as much rush today due to wet weather.
Even the number of vendors, setting up their stalls was not that big. Light snowfall occurred in Srinagar from wee hours of this morning till late afternoon affecting the business of Sunday Market.
The vendors said the customers did not turn up in large number and there was not that rush unlike other days.
Sunday Market functions from TRC Crossing to Lal Chowk. On every Sunday the vendors not only set up the stalls on the footpath but on a portion of Residency Road. Occupying of a portion of road by vendors creates problems in vehicular traffic movement.
The squeezed road space makes the driving difficult. This also results in frequent traffic jamming. The cops also block the road from Radio Crossing towards Polo View because of heavy rush in Sunday Market.
During the spontaneous shutdown against abrogation of articles 370 and 35A since August 5, Sunday Market slowly started functioning. With the passage of time the number of vendors increased and so did the rush of customers.



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