Babul Supriyo slams Bengal BJP chief Dilip Ghosh for 'shot CAA protesters like dogs' remark

Kashmir Times. Dated: 1/14/2020 12:48:04 AM

NEW DELHI, Jan 13(Agenies): Union Minister Babul Supriyo on Monday (January 13) rebuked his party colleague and Bengal BJP chief Dilip Ghosh for the latter's controversial comments about those damaging public property during anti-Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) protests being "shot like dogs" in BJP-ruled states.
Supriyo said that it was very “irresponsible of Dilip da to have said what he said” and added that the remarks made by Ghosh is not the stand of the BJP. "It is a figment of his imagination and BJP Governments in Uttar Pradesh, Assam have NEVER EVER resorted to shooting people for whatever reason whatsoever," tweeted Supriyo.
Ghosh sparked a huge political row on Sunday (January 12) by threatening to shot dead those involved in damaging public property during anti-CAA protests “like in Uttar Pradesh”. It is to be noted that 19 people lost their lives in Uttar Pradesh in December 2019 during the anti-CAA protests.
The Bengal BJP chief also slammed West Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee for failing to take strict action against those who were involved in destroying railway property and public transport during the anti-CAA protests in the state. "Is it the father's property of those who are setting public property on fire? How can they destroy government property built on tax payers' money?" Ghosh said at a public meeting in Nadia.



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