Indo-Pak Relation

Kashmir Times. Dated: 2/10/2020 4:32:08 PM

Dear Editor,
Lover of peace and humanity have in all ages preaching the abolition of war .War is an evil and proponitor of miseries. Those who live by sword will perish by the sword.War is a two Street in which you win some,you will lose some.India and Pakistan have been mostly at war since 1947 with scattered phases of relative peace.India is peace loving country but our neighbour Pakistan enforced India for air strikes. Pulwama attack was massive ,terrible, suicide and is the ghastliest attack that modern India have ever seen on Feb.14,2019 which is accepted by JeM that deserve to be condemned by Pakistan but not do condemned for the reasons best known by Pak PM.Globally this attack is condemned by International Community.India is now get tired to provide proof of Pak based militancy since India is providing Pak involvement in attacks since 1947. It is seen Pak is always busy in breeding militants .It is shameful act enforced and compelled India for non-mililary,preemptive air strikes in the wee hour of Feb 26,2019 when 12 Indian Miraj 2000 jet swooped across the Line of Control and tore dawn JeM operated militants camps in Khyber-Pakhtunkwa deep inside Pakistan. This strike cause no civil casualties but it speaks that India is aganist the menace of terrorism. Pakistan retaliate on Feb 27 but Wing Commandr Abhinandan shoot down F-16 Pak fighter killing Shahaz-ud-Din Pilot.Abhinandan gave blood and bear the deepest wounds and scars of war for India.His calm,dignified, gracious response and courage in the face of death monger Pakistan are inspiring .He bleed tricolor on the soil of Pakistan. It is Indian victory. It is the victory of bravery,honesty and love toward the India.India win first diplomatic war in the 46th session of OIC in Abu Dhabi hosted by UAE where 57 country participated and Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi unable show his ugly face in the conference. Let Pakistan construct peace and prosperity War destroy generation, Peace bond them.War wounds nation ;Peace heals the bruised .It is seen that every time diplomacy failed in case of Indo-Pak relationship. Diplomacy is the epitome of peace that prevents devil dance of death across the Globe.My message is just as simple as it should "Let peace dwell in between two country.This need contribution not only on paper but it necessarily requires action from each individual of the Globe .Let us convert theories into practicality .If every thing goes at the present rate the man made doomsday will be very near.Last but not least let us hope we will not hear the sound of bombs being dropped in our backyard .India and Pakistan should join hands so that internationally, mutual and global friendship flourish. Let peace flourish like the Daffodils of spring in the garden and field of India and Pakistan so that blood and tears in the heart and live of people can not flow.
--Mool Raj R/o Bhagota (Panjsoo)
Distt &Teh Doda.



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